Costa Smeralda Prize

The MEDSEA Foundation, in the framework of the 2019 edition of the "Costa Smeralda Prize" - "Blue Innovation" section, promoted by the Costa Smeralda Consortium, enacts a selection to search for:
  • projects
  • licences
  • researches
that have distinguished themselves in the field of technical or technological innovation or product or process management applied to the Blue Economy and aimed at reducing the negative impacts of economic activities in the seas and oceans. The "Costa Smeralda Prize - Blue Innovation" is back for the second time: the event is organized as part of the "Costa Smeralda Award" and is coordinated by the MEDSEA Foundation (Mediterranean Sea and Coast Foundation), in collaboration with the Costa Smeralda Consortium.

The "call for entries" is open until 27 January to participate at the 2019 edition of the "Costa Smeralda Prize - Blue Innovation". At the end of the selection and evaluation process, MEDSEA will present - no later than 1st March 2019 - to the qualified Jury and to the Jury of the Consortium members of the Costa Smeralda Prize the three finalists of the Blue Innovation section of the Costa Smeralda Prize; the juries must therefore, no later than 7th April 2019, decide the winner, who must ensure his presence at the award ceremony that will be held on Saturday 27th April 2019 in Porto Cervo (SS).

What is the Costa Smeralda Prize?

The Costa Smeralda Prize is an international event born in 2018 and entirely dedicated to the sea, that needs to be told and protected. It's in this point of view that literary works, projects and people capable of stimulating and promoting greater awareness and respect for the sea will be chosen and rewarded.

The "Costa Smeralda Prize" is made up of three sections: the first two literary ones - "Narrativa" and "Saggistica" - aimed at pointing out and rewarding, every year, novels and essays that have the sea as their main subject or context, and the third section "Blue Innovation" aimed at rewarding projects and patents aimed at promoting a sustainable use of coastal and marine resources and at raising awareness among the populations of the Mediterranean countries on the value of marine-coastal ecosystems, their conservation and their protection for sustainable development.


What is Blue Innovation?

Blue Innovation concerns the development of technologies, techniques, management systems, etc. applied to products or processes, addressed to the themes of the Blue Economy (energy, transport, coastal and marine tourism, biotechnology, fishing and aquaculture, boating) aimed at reducing the impacts that economic activities have on marine and coastal ecosystems.


Who can participate?

The "Costa Smeralda Prize - Blue Innovation Section" is addressed to projects, patents and research aimed at developing technical or technological innovations or product or process management aimed at making more sustainable and environmentally friendly activities that fall within the Blue Economy issues.

The prize is open to people, institutions, companies and non-profit organizations operating in Italy, the European Union and the Mediterranean countries.

Projects and research that intend to apply must not be completed more than 24 months before the closing date of the call.

Patents must have been developed no more than 48 months before the closing date of the call for applications.


How can you apply?

To submit your project, patent, research or candidate for the Blue Innovation Prize you must

Send, no later than 23:59 on Friday 27 January, to the following documents:

- participation form filled in with name and surname, organisation, contact details, telephone number, e-mail address, title and detailed description of the project (including aims and objectives, results obtained or expected, target, economic, social and environmental benefits) or of the person who intends to apply for the prize;

- 5 slides presenting the project/patent/research or Curriculum Vitae (max 3 pages) of the person who intends to apply for the prize

Failure to send the presentation slides of the project/patent/research or Curriculum Vitae of the candidate will result in exclusion from the prize.

Each individual or organisation may submit no more than two applications. Each application must concern a single project/patent/research or individual.

The submission of more than two applications will be grounds for exclusion from the prize.

Each candidate must be able to ensure, in case of victory, his presence during the award ceremony that will take place in Porto Cervo Saturday, April 27, 2019.

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