Costa Smeralda Prize - Candidates Projects

The sea in all its forms: an ecosystem to be defended from human aggression, a precious source of income for sustainable economic activities (tourism and fishing above all).

Along the common thread that also characterizes the second edition of the Costa Smeralda Prize, the MEDSEA Foundation has launched a selection for research projects and patents that have distinguished themselves in the field of technical innovation, technology, product management or process, applied to the Blue Economy and aimed at reducing the negative impacts of economic activities in the seas and oceans.

A broad front that has allowed institutions and companies, private and public entities to accept the invitation and participate in the Award, which has - among other objectives - to raise public awareness on issues of protection of the marine environment.

The Candidates Projects

CIREM – Interuniversity Centre For Economic Research And Mobility

CIREM was established in 2000 with the task of investigating, from the scientific and applicative point of view, the problems connected with the development of regional systems through the use of research methodologies and tools that favour the integration of economic and social knowledge with territorial, transport and environmental knowledge. Currently about 40 professors and researchers from the Universities of Cagliari and Sassari are members of CIREM.

General command of the port authorities' corps - coastguard

The Corps of Port Captaincies - Coast Guard is one of the specialized corps of the Italian Navy and carries out tasks related to civil uses of the sea, with the function of coast guard. It generally works at the harbour masters' offices, which, in competition, exercise military functions in the typical forms provided for by law.

Ecospray Technologies S.r.l.

Ecospray Technologies is involved in research and development, design and implementation of innovative technologies and systems dedicated to the treatment and / or cooling of air and gas in industrial applications.

Founded in 2005, Ecospray operates all over the world offering solutions that effectively purify various polluting emissions: from exhaust gases from marine engines to power plants, from fumes from cement and steel factories to those from chemical/refinery plants and waste incineration. In addition to having obtained system and/or product certifications, Ecospray is UNI EN UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 - DNV GL certified.

Aeolian Islands Preservation Fund (AIPF)

The Aeolian Islands Preservation Fund (AIPF) was established to preserve the exceptional beauty of the natural heritage of the Aeolian archipelago by promoting sustainable tourism.

AIPF raises funds from people from all over the world who care about the future of the Aeolian Islands. The funds raised are entirely dedicated to supporting environmental projects in the Aeolian Islands, identified as priorities for the future of the islands.

CentraLabs - Sardinia's competence centre for transport

CentraLabs is a CONSORTIUM that operates in the field of transport and mobility and has as its object the implementation of activities aimed at promoting the scientific and technological development of enterprises, and to encourage technology transfer and innovation through the provision of services of high scientific content. Centralabs over the years has gained experience in the field of planning and design of transport systems, and in the development of specific activities in European design. The Consortium also develops research and technology transfer activities through its virtual simulation laboratory active in the maritime, air and road sectors.


Greenpeace is a non-governmental, environmentalist and pacifist organisation founded in Vancouver in 1971. Over the years it has carried out direct actions for the defence of the climate, for the interruption of nuclear tests, for the protection of the environment in general. The organization's activities have also focused on numerous other issues, such as global warming, genetic engineering, and whale protection. Greenpeace has national and regional offices in 41 countries, all affiliated with Greenpeace International, based in Amsterdam. The organization is funded through individual contributions from some 2.8 million donors and non-profit foundations, but does not accept funds from governments, political parties or large corporations

ItalianWaves srl

ItalianWaves is a StartUp that places eco-sustainability, innovation, high performance and design at the heart of its mission. The company deals with the manufacture of sports items and sports equipment, for outdoor and indoor games, manufacture of balls, hard, soft and inflatable; manufacture of rackets, clubs and sticks, skis, bindings and poles, ski boots, sailboards, surfing; manufacture of fishing gear, including hand screens, tools for hunting, mountaineering and so on.


LifeGate Consulting and Media SPA

LifeGate provides consulting services on sustainability issues, which today is an essential value for the growth of companies and organizations.

LifeGate Consulting offers concrete tools to implement Sustainability and supports in an integrated way companies that have undertaken or want to undertake a path of sustainable development. The adoption of a People Planet Profit business model offers the possibility to undertake in a structured way a path that uses sustainability as a tool for development and differentiation concrete, measurable, oriented to economic and socio-environmental results, for the benefit of both the company itself and its stakeholders. - online tv/magazine is an online tv/magazine published by Maidiremedia srl. Eco-sustainable information is the slogan that identifies the broadcaster on line. At the center of the schedule of talk and stories on the management of the waste cycle in various Italian regions, on the planned interventions in the territories, on the recycling chains and - more generally - on issues related to environmental sustainability.


SAILOVER srl is a start-up company founded in Cagliari in 2016 with the aim of developing a sustainable and scalable business model capable of making the world of sailing and pleasure boating accessible to those who, for economic reasons, time or opportunity, do not own a boat. The company was founded in the wake of the experience of the ASD Sant'Efisio Sailing Team which, between 2010 and 2015, is actively engaged in the world of the great outdoors by participating in 3 Italian Championships Class Mini 650, organizing and coordinating 2 international qualifying races for the MiniTransat 2015 and several events of high training on issues related to safety, weather and strategy on the high seas. The SAILOVER funders are Riccardo Cao (CEO), Carlo Marongiu (Head of Nautical Bases) and STefano Malcangi (Branding and Platform Development).


SEADS – Sea Defence Solutions LTD

SEADS was established in 2018 and the team immediately expanded, making use of collaborations with the Polytechnic of Milan and the University of Florence, in addition to having the continuous support of the

University of the West of Scotland and Universitas Indonesia. At the helm of the start-up is its founder and Managing Director Fabio Dalmonte and Mauro Nardocci, former European Director of Barilla and current Communication Director of SEADS. The company's mission is to create barriers to collect and recycle almost 100% of the plastics transported by the current of rivers, blocking them at their origin before they are dispersed into the sea. After participating in the Milan Impact Hub Contest, SEADS was awarded by WWF and Bulgari.

WBS - Waste Boat Service srl

The WBS is an innovative start-up that aims to offer a high profile tourism service, implementing the collection of waste from yachts moored in the harbor. The company provides multiple operating methods to solve the problem of waste disposal. WBS is therefore a company that makes garbage-on-board collection its core business. In July 2017, WBS obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification for the specific service, guaranteed in compliance with current regulations, including the international MARPOL convention.

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