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Letter to the President Solinas: like Apulia let's say stop to the plastic

"Let's say stop to the plastic on the beach." In an open letter, the MEDSEA Foundation asks President of Sardinia Region, Christian Solinas, to ban plastics from the beach areas. The waste that pollutes the sea and the beaches is mainly plastic and disposable: bags, bottles, bottles, balloons. Microplastics, particles of less than 5 mm produced by the fragmentation of objects, are considered one of the six global emergencies of the environment.


Protect the Sardinian coasts and seas from the aggressions of plastic. It is not a mantra of environmentalists: the Environment Committee of the European Parliament has also expressed itself with a directive that indicates 2021 as the date from which the sale and dissemination of non-compostable materials will be prohibited in areas near the sea.

In Italy, Environment Minister Costa intends to assimilate the decision of the Brussels Parliament in the "Salva-Mare" decree: "It is an important objective - explained Costa in January - because it puts Italy far ahead. We are a country wet for two thirds from the sea, we have a big problem of plastics that are in the sea and we have possible solutions that I have proposed and that go in line with the European directive on disposable plastics. The decree will arrive as soon as possible. We closed the technical examination in front of the office of the Presidency of the Council and we had the green light, so you can go to the Council of Ministers. Now there is the technical time, then it will reach the parliamentary seat and the debate will open".

In advance is on the European directive that on the text of law of the Italian government, Raffaele Piemontese, Councillor to the Budget with delegation to the maritime state of the Council guided from the Governor Emiliano, has announced that Puglia will be beginning from the summer 2019 the first region in Italy to ban the plastics from the areas next to the strands. Cutlery, bags and bottles will be replaced by containers and tools in biodegradable cellulose. The news has been spread after the umpteenth meeting with representatives of the unions of bathing and environmental associations.

The MEDSEA Foundation's request to President Solinas to take immediate action to reject plastics is based on the conviction - shared also by political decision-makers - that the protection of our seas needs an immediate response.

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