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A tribute to Manowar: metal screams for the environment

"Brothers and sisters of true metal, if you love the world in which you live, the air you breathe, the food you eat and the water you drink, support the MEDSEA Foundation by going to the benefit concert where triumphs of steel will be played for you, you metal warriors! Donate to save the ecosystems and the planet we live on. True metal! Tread on!". There could be no more authoritative endorsement for "A tribute to Manowar- Everyone plays for the MEDSEA Foundation", the concert that took place on Saturday 11 January at the Cueva Rock in Quartucciu, nearby Cagliari. David Shankle, historical guitarist of one of the most famous metal band in the world, greets the distant initiative with a video that portrays him among the speakers and posters of his studio. Not only him: support videos also came from Ross the Boss and Kenny Rhino Earl, two famous members of the Manowar band.

"Humble people indeed" says in the outdoor space of the Cueva Stefano Galeano, one of the singers, or rather the "screamers" who will soon take part in the concert. On stage, the the sound check goes on the notes of the famous "Carry on". The fifth album of his band, "Icy Steel", is a tribute to the history of ancient peoples, from Sardinians to American Indians, passing through Egyptians, Romans, Mongols and Celts: "Guest on earth was built to send a message against racism. In the ten pieces composing it we involved thirty artists. Among them were also the three great Manowar instrumentalists. We managed to reach them and they volunteered without problems. Certain themes are universal. We are all guests on earth".

"It is the third benefit concert we do", explains Alessio Melis, the tribute organizer. In previous years the raised money was donated to Emergency and Grigio Azzurra, a nursing home in Serdiana. In just over an hour, musicians from twelve Cagliari bands will play 24 pieces, reshuffled into four bands. Then everyone on stage for the grand finale with 'Battle Hymn' ... which will probably pave the way for more music...A splendid idea that of allocating funds to the MEDSEA foundation. All thanks to Andrea Alvito".

"Last year we brought together 150 people from all over Sardinia and raised 600 euros. Together with the foundation we will then decide how to use the funds. It could be a clean-up, or the purchase of collection tools, or a video promoting environment protection" explains Alvito, biologist specialized in the phenomenon of sea litter, collaborator of MEDSEA, and metal guitarist.

"I will sing Sign of the Hammer, The Power and Battle Hymn" announces Giuseppe Siena, co-organizer of the event. It's nice to think that a cover concert can be useful to the community. Metal often hosts, as in fantasy literature, the theme of man and nature. We hope that over the years this will become a regular and important event".

On stage Giuseppe and Stefano sing and scream as promised. In the audience spectators float with the songs’ pounding rhythms, amid the lights and the fumes that come and go. At the end of the evening 870 euros have been collected. “A splendid atmosphere of fun, which over the years is becoming a ritual capable of bringing together many metal fans, even from Sassari. Metal is a genre that spread out mainly in the 80s and 90s. These meetings also have the right nostalgic touch", says Paola after the concert. “I often follow Andrea's initiatives, and not only the musical ones. I was with MEDSEA also for the great clean-up in Cagliari #Puliamolasella. It’s nice that metal can convey such an important message, and also helps tangibly environmental protection initiatives".

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