Premio Costa Smeralda

Funder: Consorzio Costa Smeralda

Years: 2018

Project description:

Award aimed at enhancing books dedicated to the theme of the sea and innovations in the Sustainable Blue Economy. The President of the MEDSEA Foundation, Alessio Satta, participates as President of the jury

The Costa Smeralda Award is the first literary competition entirely dedicated to the SEA as a vital cultural, scientific, ecological and economic engine - both regional and global. The ceremony will be held at 16:30 on April 28, 2018 at the Emerald Hall of the Deer Tennis Club of Porto Cervo. The sea to be told and protected: this is the dimension in which essays, novels and research capable of concretely promoting greater respect for the sea resource will be chosen and rewarded. The Jury will be made up of important names in the cultural and scientific field: Honorary President Donatella Bianchi (Blue Line conductor and President of the WWF), Alberto Luca Recchi, Mario Tozzi and Alessio Satta. Special mention to Rosalba Giugni (President of Marevivo). The award provides a series of initiatives and collective mobilizations of the territory and the communities that live there in order to urge everyone to make a greater commitment to the defense of the sea and its coasts.


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