Zones Portuaires / Genova

Funder: Municipality of Genoa, University of Genoa and Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority

Years: 2015-2017

Project description:

Promotion of the 3 Edition of the Festival Zones Portuaires / Genova, an interdisciplinary project dedicated to the Port Cities

Born in Marseille in 2012 on the initiative of the eponymous team, since 2015 Zones Portuaires is held as a Festival also in Saint-Nazaire, on the Atlantic sea, and has landed in Genoa with the aim of contributing to the interdisciplinary confrontation on the topic of the relationship between the Port and the City, in order to strengthen the mutual knowledge.

Over the course of time, the Festival has evolved into a wider and more constant project, becoming an opportunity to let emerge the common thread that binds the port cities, their activities, their architecture, the people who live there, and configuring itself as a device that activates paths of research and cultural creation, as well as diffuse awareness and public participation.
The contamination between different artistic languages involves a wide audience, the multidisciplinary projects stimulate the active participation of citizens and tourists of all ages and backgrounds and trigger new dynamics of interaction between public and private stakeholders.

The port identity is unveiled and enhanced through walks, sailing, guided tours, site specific artistic actions, conventions, exhibitions and informal meetings, realized within the public spaces between Porto and Città.
In Genoa the project is conceived and coordinated by the U-BOOT Lab Association and promoted by MEDSEA and by Incontri in Città (DAFiSt - UniGE)

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