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The Costa Smeralda Prize, now in its second edition, offers all the variations on the theme of the sea: an appointment that is renewed and proposes the collaboration between the Costa Smeralda Consortium - organiser of the event - and the MEDSEA Foundation, which coordinates the "Blue Innovation" section of the prize.

MEDSEA has announced a selection for the research of projects, patents, studies that have distinguished themselves in the field of technical or technological innovation or product or process management, applied to the Blue Economy and aimed at reducing the negative impacts of economic activities in the seas and oceans.

At the end of the selection and evaluation process MEDSEA will present - before and after March 1st 2019 - the qualified Jury and the Jury of the Consortium members of the Costa Smeralda Prize the finalist section of the Blue Innovation section of the Costa Smeralda Prize; the jury must therefore, by April 7, 2019, decree the winner who must ensure its presence at the awards ceremony that will be held Saturday, April 27, 2019 in Porto Cervo (SS).


28 April 2018 - Costa Smeralda Prize

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The Costa Smeralda Prize, now in its second edition, offers all the variations on the theme of the sea: an appointment that is renewed and proposes the collaboration between the...

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Arborea celebrated an intense page of hi…

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Arborea has really many things to celebrate in this special 2018. A hundred years ago, on the 23th September of 1918,  Reclamation Sardinian Society (Società Bonifiche Sarde, SBS) has been founded with an...

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The video of Maristanis project presente…

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The video of Maristanis project has been presented at Dubai. It's a mean world the one that doesn't care of its environmental richness.

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Intervista ad Alessio Satta, presidente …

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Intervista ad Alessio Satta, presidente della Fondazione MEDSEA, a Dubai in occasione di Ramsar COP13 sulle zone umide.

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World Animal Day

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The 4th October was initiated for the first time in 1925 by Heinrich Zimmermann. It took five years for it to develop until 4 October 1931, when Animal Day became a...

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World Tourism Day

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Today is World Tourism Day. In 2017, 1,323 million arrivals were registered and about US $1,332 billion generated. The touristic sector employs about 10% of jobs worldwide.

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Program of Coast day

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Local COAST DAY culture and landscape around the coastal wetlands of the Gulf of Oristano and the Sinis Peninsula from 29-30 September 2018 and throughout October

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European Heritage Days 2018

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The European Council and the European Commission celebrate the “Year of Cultural Heritage 2018” on 22-23 September.

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International Coastal Clean-Up Day / 15t…

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Yearly 8 million tons of plastic waste finished into the oceans. Our society use too much plastic and plastic packages and often these waste end in the oceans.

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The start of ZPGE18 - Zones Portuaires G…

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Inauguration at 18:00 at the ZPGE containers at Piazza Caricamento, the fourth edition of ZONES PORTUAIRES / International Festival between City and Port, which will take place in Genoa September...

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Let’s celebrate the Coast Day with the P…

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This year the Maristanis project celebrates the Coast Day with an event dedicated to all the creatives who have ideas and projects on the enhancement of the coasts with special a attention on wetlands.

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World Oceans Day 2018 in Sinis

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“Preventing plastic pollution and encouraging solutions for a healthy ocean” is the slogan of the World Oceans Day 2018 a United Nations initiative, celebrated all around the world next Friday, the 8th of...

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Conserving and sustainably using Mediterranean coastal and marine resources.


The Mediterranean Sea is home to some of the world's most remarkable environmental resources, unique cultural heritage and exceptional biodiversity. But it is also fragile and very sensitive to human impacts and climate change. Its development is concentrated on its coastal areas, subject to multiple pressures. The fragility of the Mediterranean call for a mobilization of all the actors. The anticipated magnitude of climate change and the political, social and economic difficulties make a new vision for conservation and sustainability of our Sea necessary.

This is why MEDSEA has built a network of passion-driven people who are committed to build on new models, partnerships and strategies on the paths of transition and concrete actions to be implemented for a desirable future of the Mediterranean Basin.

Our focus is on the following 5 key areas

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