Conserving and sustainably using Mediterranean coastal and marine resources


A new challenge on climate change for MEDSEA with "Enseres"


The MEDSEA foundation has been awarded the contract “ENSERES” (ENhancing Socio-Ecological RESilience in Mediterranean coastal areas) funded under the ENI CBC MED program with a budget of 1 million euros...

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MEDSEAGRASS, a project to rebuild and protect the "forests" of the sea


A laboratory to study the restoration of Posidonia Oceanica meadows and the tools for their protection. MEDSEAGRASS is the project to which the MEDSEA Foundation began in partnership with the Protected Marine...

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BLUEfasma, circular economy in the fish and acquaculture sectors


A series of workshops to imagine and build circular economy in the fisheries and aquaculture sectors: the Bluefasma Living Labs of "BLUEfasma", a project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund...

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"Themes for the future", interviews for a green economy


“Next generation EU, or Recovery Fund, as we erroneously call it in Italy. And then Farm to Fork, PAC, all terms that might sound abstruse, incomprehensible. For us as well...

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Autumn, it's time of harvest for the "sea-peasants"


It is the dunialella seaweed that warns the salt workers about the time of harvest. Only the dunialella survives the concentration reached in the basins. In September its pigment invades them making the saltpans a vast mirror filled with the colors of the...

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Terralba and Marceddì, the Old Tower speaks with the voice of memory


The shadows fall vertically on Cathedral square in Terralba. Few brave people cross the churchyard and the streets under the sweltering July sun. A group of retirees chat about the...

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Four ideas for the future of the sea: the Attitude Ocean Award has its winners


The Covid-19 emergency did not prevent over 450 pupils from 23 Sardinian middle school classes from participating to the "Attitudide Ocean Award", a prize born from the collaboration between the...

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The Conti Vecchi Salinas in Cagliari, history, nature and production combined in perfect harmony


It is said that the engineer Luigi Conti Vecchi asked if Sardinia was touched by the mistral. A curious doubt to be thought in front of the large square that...

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Local and global water wars: interview with Emanuele Bompan


The global geography of water is changing. We live on a planet that is home to 7.5 billion people. They will likely become 9.5 billion by 2050. Luckily, many people...

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Strolling through the streets of Cagliari: a virus, the invisibles and the new youth


“We opened in early April. The distribution was expected to last only for the lockdown period. Then May arrived, and now we are thinking about June. Then, who knows”, says...

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The Mediterranean sea, a paradise lost split between north and south


Un paradiso perduto, diviso nell’incidenza dei rischi fra nord e sud. È quanto emerge dall’ultimo rapporto del MedECC (il network che riunisce gli esperti mediterranei sui cambiamenti climatici e ambientali)...

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"The Big Blue", a sustainable afternoon with Stazione Radio.


“Earth sciences system have gone wasted. We knew everything and we did nothing”. The climatologist Luca Mercalli opens with a provocation his interview. He is the first to intervene in...

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Conserving and sustainably using Mediterranean coastal and marine resources.


The Mediterranean Sea is home to some of the world's most remarkable environmental resources, unique cultural heritage and exceptional biodiversity. But it is also fragile and very sensitive to human impacts and climate change. Its development is concentrated on its coastal areas, subject to multiple pressures. The fragility of the Mediterranean call for a mobilization of all the actors. The anticipated magnitude of climate change and the political, social and economic difficulties make a new vision for conservation and sustainability of our Sea necessary.

This is why MEDSEA has built a network of passion-driven people who are committed to build on new models, partnerships and strategies on the paths of transition and concrete actions to be implemented for a desirable future of the Mediterranean Basin.

Our focus is on the following 5 key areas

MEDSEA Mediterranean Sea and Coast Foundation

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