Our very existence depends on the ocean and it is our specific duty to defend and protect it.

The risks that threaten it are many: climate crisis and loss of biodiversity, pollution by hydrocarbons and plastics, excessive and illegal fishing.

And above all through our Campaigns that we are committed to protecting our ocean and coastal areas, protecting our ecosystems and their biodiversity, reducing sea pollution and ensuring that local communities can benefit from biodiversity conservation.

When we reach the goal set for a Campaign, we know that all together we have done good service to our Ocean.

A shelter for the migratory birds

Building a Shelter for migratory birds in the island of San Pietro

A sea forest to save the planet

Restoring large-scale demaged marine habitats and ensure the recovery of Posidonia oceanica by...

Plastic Free Med

PlasticFreeMed is the MEDSEA campaign to reduce plastic pollution in the Mediterranean Sea

Hope for Sennariolo

Recovering the olive trees ecosystem of Sennariolo to protect biodiversity and respond to the...

Let's protect the dunes of Is Arenas Biancas

Conservation of the dune system in the territory of Teulada

A Forest for Bees

Creating a nectariferous forest in Sardinia to save bees and other pollinators

Hunting Ghost Net

Reducing the impact of ghost nets on marine ecosystems and protecting marine fauna

MEDSEA Mediterranean Sea and Coast Foundation

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