Since its foundation, MEDSEA has developed several important collaborations with private entities (Edilana, Castalia, IED) and Public Authorities (Municipalities, marine protected areas, parks authorities, governments, international institutions) at regional, national and international level in the Mediterranean basin and beyond (Sao Tome and Principe). 

It has developed projects on sustainable tourism, coastal zone management, life cycle assessment, coastal waste management, protection and conservation of marine ecosystem areas and wetlands and for the organization of training courses and communication events.


Restoration of damaged Posidonia oceanica meadows of the Sinis MPA and sustainable mooring management model ​

Climate adaptation and gender equality | Morocco 

Assessing climate impacts on gender equality in coastal communities


Biodiversity conservation of coastal and marine ecosystems in a low-carbon adaptation plan


Applying efficient solutions to accelerate climate change adaptation of European communities

Climate risk assessment | The Mediterranean​ coast

Coastal risk assessment and identification of climate change hotspots


Strengthen the resilience of Mediterranean coastal communities to face climate, socio-economic and environmental challenges


Innovation and circular blue economy in the fishing and aquaculture sectors in the Mediterranean Sea


Biodiversity conservation and integrated management of six Ramsar sites in the Gulf of Oristano


Improving the quality of marine waters in ports by limiting emissions from maritime traffic on the environment


An innovative and integrated governance model for the management of Marine Protected Areas


A sustainable and innovative management model for the territorial valorization of artisanal salinas

Climate risk assessment | South-East France

Applying a climate coastal risk index to the littoral of the Département du Var

Climate risk assessment | RAMOGE area

Climate risk assessment on most relavant coastal and marine ecosystems of the area

Marine protected areas in the Gulf of Guinea

Creating two Marine Protected Areas around the islands of São Tomé and Príncipe

Costa Smeralda Award

Literary competition promoting the protection and conservation of the marine environment

Waste Management in Mediterranean Countries

Analysis of waste management focusing on packaging, electronic equipment, batteries


Testing a computerized system to create and manage environmentally friendly mooring fields

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