For a better Sardinia

Ours is a call to beauty.


To all those who want to promote our vision of change through talent, research, responsibility and love for their territory.

To those extraordinary groups of people that have decided to face the challenges of beauty, to make an effort for environmental protection.

  • To gather in a dialogue the small and big realities that already exist.
  • To strengthen the idea that the common good is the good of all, for the present and for the new generations.
  • Because we are convinced that quality, innovation and the environment are the only possible answer for a better Sardinia.

We are ready to change the course to protect a treasure that we have just begun to explore, and that we do not yet fully understand: the Sea.

We work in synergy with companies, institutions and communities in order to shape the reality in which we live. We develop simple solutions and alternative models capable of harmonizing economy and nature protection.

Participation and cooperation are our founding values.

We need as many skills, experiences, stimuli and comparisons as possible.



To achieve this goal we are determined to be SUSTAINABLE, in our specific and original wa 


Sardinians, by birth or by feeling, we are aware of the charm and fragility of our island.

Unequivocal in our call to action in this historical time of challenges for the environment.

Sympathetic, because we think ourselves as a united part of a community.

Technicians, in order to be able to elaborate the best solutions for the new environmental challenges.

Adamant in implementing our principles of justice and equality.

Imaginative, when we go in search for the people and institutions that are willing to be part of our community.

Neutral and flexible, as we see our foundation as the perfect place for the contamination of all those approaches capable of tackling climate change.

Ardent, in our blue heart, blu as the sea and the sky that we want to protect.

Bold, for we want to be active and avoid wasting talents, energies and hopes.

Loud and forward-looking in expressing our enthusiasm and imagining a sustainable future.

Earnest, in our effort to do our best for Sardinia.


MEDSEA Mediterranean Sea and Coast Foundation

Legal head office: c/o Studio Associato Conti-Via Piemonte, 33-09127 Cagliari (Italy) - Headquarter: Via Nazario Sauro 1, 09123 Cagliari (Italy) 

(+39) 070 0950439 | info@medseafoundation.org | medsea@pec.medseafoundation.org

Photos ©: Andrea Alvito, Maurizio Naletto

MEDSEA Logo designed by Stefano Asili