24 September 2020 - TGR Sardegna

Eleven municipalities in the Oristano area joined together for the protection and management of the wetlands and marine areas of the Gulf of Oristano and the Sinis Peninsula, within the Maristanis project. Coordinated by the MEDSEA Foundation, they presented today their action plan towards a sustainable development of their region. The regional Rai News reported the news.

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31 August 2020 - La Nuova

The first "Casa Ramsar" in Sardinia, strongly desired by the MEDSEA Foundation and by the municipality of S. Vero Milis, hosts the exhibition "The art of weaving", a tradition widespread in the communities that overlook the Gulf of Oristano and part of the “Maristanis” wetland protection and sustainable development project, of which MEDSEA is the lead partner.

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28 August 2020 - Ansa.it

A journey full of encounters and reflections, of constant monitoring of the Sardinian coasts: the tour of the Sardinian coasts by kayak by Giancarlo Gusmaroli, MEDSEA ambassador, is an enterprise that alone represents the enormous value of our marine and coastal environment, the absolute need to preserve it. Here is the interview with the national press agency ANSA.

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27 August 2020 - TGR Sardegna

The regional RAI news meets Giancarlo Gusmaroli, ambassador of the MEDSEA Foundation engaged in the circumnavigation of Sardinia by kayak in Cagliari. After twenty days of travel, the environmental engineer and MEDSEA collaborator tells about the state of the Sardinian coasts, lights and shadows of our natural heritage.

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28 July 2020 - Avvenire

The Maristanis project of the MEDSEA foundation is the protagonist of the article published by the prestigious newspaper Avvenire. The Costa Contract keystone of sustainable development.

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22 June 2020 - themapreport.com

An innovative system that allows a new "precision agriculture"; new techniques that mark an important step forward towards an increasingly sustainable digital agriculture, with benefits for the mass of vegetation, the finished product and production costs". Still talking about the project of which MEDSEA is a leading player with Coldiretti Oristano and Liverani Servizi

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18 June 2020 - La Nuova Sardegna

La Nuova Sardegna is still dedicating space to the plan for precision farming, as part of the international Maristanis project: the rice company I Ferrari of Oristano is taking part in the initiative.

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18 June 2020 - Linkoristano.it

Digital innovation in Oristano rice paddies with the Maristanis project and MEDSEA : constant crop control with a drone and multispectral sensors on the ground . Here it is Linkoristano article

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18 June 2020 - OR News

We are here with an innovative project for the countryside of Maristanis territory. The new experimental techniques aim at a more profitable and more and more sustainable precision agriculture and will bring benefits on several fronts: in the health of crops, in the finished product and in the reduction of production costs. New report from the territory

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18 June 2020 - Ansa.it

The project features MEDSEA with Coldiretti Oristano and Liverani Servizi. The objective is to reduce water consumption in agriculture and ensure the protection of the environment. Here is the Ansa report

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17 May 2020 - La Nuova Sardegna

The work plan, of which MEDSEA is a partner, was born within the "Maristanis" project and foresees the use of drones to monitor the health status of the fields, improving the management of water resources. Read the report of La Nuova Sardegna

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