The Scientific Commitee Board consists od outstanding international experts from different European and Mediterranean countries and with different skills on environmental protection and enhancement, in line with the multidisciplinary approach to the issues of integrated coastal and sea management that characterizes the MEDSEA Foundation.

Hussein Abaza

Expert in Architectural Engineering and Urban Planning.

Country: Egypt

Institution: Center for Sustainable Development Solutions (CSDS)



Françoise Breton

Expert in governance, sustainable development and management of coastal and marine landscapes.

Country: Spain

Institution: Department of Geography, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona



Pierre Alain Croset

Expert in architectural engineering and urban design.

Country: Switzerland

Institution: Department of Architecture, Xi'an Jiaoton-Liverpool University



Daniela Ducato

Expert in Sustainable Design and Green Economy

Countru: Italy

Istituzione: EDIZERO Architecture for Peace



Alessandro Galli

Expert in the ecological, water and carbon footprint indicators related to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

Country: Italy

Institution: Global Footprint Network


Yves Henocque

Expert in Maritime Policy and Governance

Country: France

Institution: French Research Institute for the Sustainable Development of the Sea (IFREMER) 



Spyros Kouvelis

Expert in Sustainable Development, Consumption and Production.

Country: Greece

Institution: Truenique Ltd. ; Greek-Eurasian Business Council



Maria Snoussi

Expert in Coastal Geosciences and Integrated Coastal Zone Management

Country: Morocco

Institution: Department of Earth Sciences, Mohamed V University, Morocco

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