6 November 2021 - La Nuova Sardegna

On October 26 began in Oristano the participatory process, a voluntary tool aimed at the development of an integrated and collective management of Natura 2000 sites of the Oristano Gulf. La nuova Sardegna explained why it is so important
31 October 2021 MEDIASET Eplanet

Off the coast of Sardinia to replant the posidonia and give oxygen to the sea, as well as in the mountains of Montiferru, in Sennariolo, to recover the burned olive groves. The MEDSEA project with Extreme E told by Mediaset Eplanet (Only in IT language)
5 September 2021 TGR Rai Sicilia

Mission accomplished for Giancarlo Gusmaroli, MEDSEA ambassador. The circumnavigation of Sicily ended successfully exactly where it began last July the 30th, in Acitrezza, welcomed by the Isola dei Ciclopi Marine Protected Area. The story by TGR Rai Sicilia.
18 August 2021 Repubblica.it

The infernal embrace of the island with waste, but also the warm welcome from the people committed to protect the coast and Sicilian Sea. All the contradictions of the Kayak trip by Giancarlo Gusmaroli, MEDSEA ambassador, traveling around Sicily summer, told by the Palermo editorial staff of repubblica.it.
15 August 2021 Radio Rai Rai Social (è)

Giancarlo Gusmaroli's enterprise, traveling around Sicily in a Kayak to defend the Mediterranean in #cantodimediterraneo, told in the Rai Radio 1 Social (è) tv report. "The purpose of this trip is to listen to what the sea has to tell us", says Giancarlo Gusmaroli, MEDSEA Ambassador.
02 July 2021 Ansa

10 Sardinian companies united in the MEDSEA Blue Community to develop circular economy models for the sea and the environment in Sardinia, the meeting at Blue Waves on 2 July, in this report from ANSA.
28 June 2021 Radiolina

Over 300 volunteers for 10-15 tons of plastics and waste collected between the Sella del Diavolo and the first stops of the Poetto beach in the third edition of Puliamo La Sella, in collaboration with RESET UNICA. The president of MEDSEA Alessio Satta talks to Radiolina.
20 June 2021 Repubblica

The collaboration between MEDSEA and Prada for the reforestation of the Posidonia oceanica in the Marine Protected Area of Capo Carbonara is also described in the article on the men's spring-summer 2022 fashion show by Repubblica:
20 June 2021 Vogue Frances

The most prestigious high fashion magazine mentions the collaboration between PRADA and the MEDSEA foundation, for the reforestation of the Posidonia oceanica in the marine protected area of Capo Carbonara, announced on the occasion of the spring-summer 2022 men's collection held in Sardinia.

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23 April 2021 IL SOLE 24 ORE

Why not recycling mussels farming waste and creating new items for home and urban decor? It's now possible! MEDSEA Foundation, together with Nieddittas, launched a lab to explore possibilities and market opportunities.

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22 March 2021 Ansa.it

wetlands as a barrier to climate change in an article by Ansa.it that explores Maristanis the pilot project for the protection of biodiversity in Sardinia

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02 February 2021 Rai3 Sardegna

World Wetlands Day this year celebrates RAMSAR's 50th anniversary. Rai 3 Sardegna explores the theme of wetlands in Sardinia and interviews the president of the MEDSEA Foundation, Alessio Satta.

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