20 March 2023  - Repubblica.it

Repubblica.it dedicates a nice video report with all the facts and figures of the "mussel islet project" in the pond of Corru Mannu, Oristanese. The project was carried out in collaboration with Nieddittas. 

Watch the video (in Italian)

17 March 2023 - Corriere.it

In the special Planet 2030 of Corriere.it, the circular economy and biodiversity project for wetlands by the artificial island made from mussel waste from Nieddittas production is told. The islet is getting populated by wildlife!

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February 23, 2023 - ANSA

Anti-trawling systems have been positioned off Sinis Marine Protected Area to prevent illegal fishing in protected habitats within the SATURN project. The project, coordinated by the MEDSEA Foundation, was told by ANSA.

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2 February 2023 - TGR Sardinia

Over 80 appointments on the calendar for World Wetlands Day which lasts the whole month in Sardinia. The TGR Sardinia report on February 2nd and during the show on Buongiorno Regione on February 22nd.

See the episode (in Italian)