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Workshop on "Socio-economic Valuation” of ecosystem services

Last week (6-9 March), BirdLife International held in Cagliari the Workshop on "Socio-economic Valuation” of ecosystem services. The training workshop was hosted in the MEDSEA Foundation’s office.

BirdLife International has developed the TESSA methodology, which will be applied in the ponds and lagoons of the Oristano's area included in the MARISTANIS project, in the Tunisian site of Ghar El Melah and in Ulcjni in Montenegro. The activities are financed by the MAVA Foundation

Jenny Merriman, Senior Ecosystem Services Officer of BirdLife International, trained the participants on TESSA tool. During the training workshop, Laurent Chazée of the Tour du Valat proposed the Livelihoods Framework, which was used to evaluate the cultural services associated with wetlands. 

Celine Dubreuil presented the Med-ESCWET methodology used by Plan Bleu to provide the economic valuation of the ecosystem services provided by wetlands in terms of climate change adaptation in the Mediterranean. 

The course was also attended by Ivan Ramirez and Sofia Capellan of BirdLife International, Lourdes Lazaro-Marin of the IUCN-Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation, Imen Rais of WWF North AfricaMoujib Gabous of the Association Les Amis des Oiseaux (Tunis), Jovana Janjuševi and Bojan Zekovic of the Center for Protection and Research of birds of Montenegro.

Together to Francesca Frau and Vania Statzu of the MEDSEA FoundationSabrina Lai and Laura Santona of the Sardinia Regional Department for the Environment participated at the training workshop. 

During the workshop, participants visited the Lagoon of S'Ena Arrubia and to the Pond of Marceddì with their different habitats and the high number of birds and plants that live there. 
During the field visit, participants meet some of the relevant stakeholder, such as the fishermen of the Cooperative Sant'Andrea that manages the fishing area in S’Ena Arrubia Lagoon and the managers of Camping S'Ena Arrubia; the 3DNA Association that manages the Museum of the Sea on Marceddì (where you can found an archaeological site dating back to the Neolithic period) and the LIPU OristanoAFNI Sardegna and Giros associations that offered their support and presented the "Garden of Orchids" on Marceddì.