Accelerating Restoration of Seagrass Ecosystems through Monetary and Social Integration

Sustainable Development Goals:



ARTEMIS aims to promote large-scale restoration efforts for seagrass meadows across the Euro-MED region, by integrating the financial and societal values of seagrass ecosystem services into policy and investment frameworks. 

Key Project Outputs:  

This project incorporates the economic and societal significance of seagrass ecosystem services into both public and private strategies. By leveraging state-of-the-art restoration protocols and pioneering Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) schemes targeting multiple ecosystem services (ES), ARTEMIS endeavors to accelerate the restoration of degraded seagrass habitats. 

Through four transnational pilot projects spanning various stages of restoration and policy levels, ARTEMIS aims to deliver tangible outcomes for restoration practitioners and stakeholders within the blue economy. These initiatives involve activities ranging from transplantation in degraded areas to the enhancement of protected zones, addressing gaps in existing restoration policies and advocating for protective measures. 

MEDSEA, as a project partner of ARTEMIS will promote the conservation of seagrass meadows and lead the restoration activities in the damaged areas of one of the pilot sites of the project in the Capo Testa Punta Falcone Marine Protected Area (MPA) in Sardinia, pilot site and associated partner.  More in general, MEDSEA will leverage its extensive experience in seagrass transplantation activities for guiding the restoration project’s activities.Through stakeholder mapping and engagement, MEDSEA will contribute valuable insights to policy recommendations and governance frameworks, particularly focusing on the implementation of Payment for Ecosystem Services schemes tailored to seagrass restoration efforts. 

Furthermore, based on previous projects and initiatives, MEDSEA in the role of Chief Communication Officer will coordinate the communication activities among all partners. 



Pilot sites 

  • Crete/Greece 
  • Santa Teresa Gallura/ Sardinia-Italy
  • Monfalcone/Italy
  • Menorca/Spain  


  • Plan Bleu for the environment and development in the Mediterranean (Lead Partner) - (FR) 

  • Hellenic Centre for Marine Research – HCMR (GR) 

  • Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research - ISPRA (IT) 

  • Mediterranean Sea and Coast Foundation MEDSEA (IT) 

  • Institute of Menorca Studies – Socio-Environmental Observatory of Menorca (SP)

  • Municipality of Monfalcone (IT) 


  • Denkstatt (BG)  

  • Bax & Company  (SP) 

  • The Green Tank (GR)  


Project Budget: 2.999.280,30  

MEDSEA budget: 373.150,00  

Programme: Interreg Euro-MED 

Duration: from January 1st 2024 to June 30th 2026  


Project coordinator: Francesca Frau   

Team MEDSEA: Francesca Muscas, Michela Congiu, Oumayma Morai


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Activities, Blu economy, Biodiversity conservation, Coastal management