Climate risk assessment | RAMOGE area

Climate risk assessment on most relavant coastal and marine ecosystems of the area

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The maritime areas of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region, the Principality of Monaco and the Liguria Region, thus forming a pilot area for the prevention against pollution of the marine environment called RAMOGE area.

 The project, developed in collaboration with Plan Bleu, aims to make the RAMOGE area an innovative model for managing the impacts of climate change on coastal and marine areas at sub-regional level. The main activity of the study will be the development of a "RAMOGE Index" that will allow to evaluate the marine and coastal context of the RAMOGE area in terms of exposure and vulnerability to the impacts of climate change, integrating in the climatic forcing the values of “Extreme waves" provided by the University of Genoa and the latest IPCC projections on sea level rise".

The innovative aspect of this index is represented by the linking between impacts of climate change and the loss of eco-system services. The "Hazard zone" calculated for the application of the index, includes only the following coastal and marine ecosystems: beaches, coastal wetlands, coastal forests, posidonia meadows and coralligenous. 

Financial partner: Ramoge Secretariat


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