Testing a computerized system to create and manage environmentally friendly mooring fields

Sustainable Development Goals:


E-Mooring is a project ideated with the aim of becoming the reference point for Italian and foreign yachtsmen and sea users, through the offer of high quality services.

The Project, addressed to Marine Protected Areas and coastal municipalities of naturalistic and tourist value, pursues several important objectives related to:

  • reduction of environmental impact,
  • management of pleasure boating flows,
  • promotion of nautical tourism,
  • enhancement of local economies and
  • creation of new jobs, education and culture of the sea,
  • dissemination and promotion of the initiative.

These goals are developed through the creation of a computerised and centralised management system for mooring fields and nautical and tourist services, according to the most advanced standards of environmental sustainability. 


Financial partner: Castalia SPCA, Roma

 Years: 2016-2017


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