A shelter for the migratory birds

Building a Shelter for migratory birds in the island of San Pietro


 Sustainable Development Goals:



Mission: Enhancing the protection of migratory birds which are wintering and nesting in Carloforte. 

An urgent need to protect migratory birds 

In the past, many migratory waterbirds experienced mass destruction, which greatly reduced their numbers and range. Specific protection laws, combined with effective governance, have led to a considerable recovery of nesting populations in some EU countries, while in the southern and eastern Mediterranean the numbers have even been declining since 2008. 

Some species have also benefited from the creation of artificial wetlands, such as rice fields, saltpans, and gravel pits, which can constitute complementary habitats to natural wetlands. 

The Salt Pans of Carloforte a crucial spot for migratory birds 


The list of species observed in the Carloforte Salt Pans between 1993 and 2020 includes: 


  • 86 species, of which 59 are non-passerines and 27 are passerines 

  • 9 (Little Egret, Flamingo, Italian Knight, Avocet, Fratino, Rosy Gull, Corsican Gull, Common Tern and Little Tern) 

  • in the case of the Flamingo, several nesting attempts have been observed, none of which were completed 

  • the Avocetta and the Rosy Seagull that have nested almost regularly 

  • the Corsican seagull which in the last two decades has successfully colonized in the salt pans of Carloforte. 

MEDSEA has started a collaboration with the municipality of Carloforte in the island of San Pietro and LIPU to conserve the natural site «Ex Saline di Stato di Carloforte» with the objective of protecting and conserving the ecosystem and the natural habitat with the different fauna and plant species present. 


  • Restoring the banks inside the salt pan as nesting islands to protect the species from the presence of numerous and persistent disturbances and threats (rats, dogs, etc.) 

  • Creating sighting spots, within the pedestrian periplus of the Saline, for birdwatching to raise awareness on migratory species and contribute to their conservation 


Comune di Carloforte, LIPU 

Foto Credits: 

Ex Saline di Carloforte – Comune di Carloforte 

Avocetta e Gabbiano Corso © Giorgio Paesani 

Gabbiano Roseo © Federico Pastore 


Our team dedicated the Building a Shelter for migratory birds in the island of San Pietro


Alessio Satta



Francesca Etzi

Environmental Engineer


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