Let's protect the dunes of Is Arenas Biancas

Conservation of the dune system in the territory of Teulada



  Sustainable Development Goals:




Increasing the resiliency of the shoreline of Porto Pino through the protection of 2,5 km of sandy beach and dunes habitat, against storm surges and coastal erosion. 

Raising awareness and information on the importance of safeguarding and respecting the dunes through information panels. 


Let’s talk about the restoration of the coastal dune 

Dunes are dynamic protection between the land and the sea. 

The dunes are a system in movement, a result of the wind and wave action, that protect the land from coastal storms and prevent coastal erosion.  

Coastal dunes are habitats protected under the Natura 2000 Directive 

The coastal dune ecosystem is fragile both morphologically and floristically due to human action fragmenting the habitat and creating vulnerable pathways to the marine incursion.  




The dunes of the beach Is Arenas Biancas in the territory of Teulada are included in the Site of Community Importance (SCI) “Promontorio, dune e zona umida di Porto Pino”. The environmental system is characterised by an extensive sandy shoreline with dunes reaching a height of 30 metres and Mediterranean scrub in the back. An important wetlands system characterizes the landscape and ecosystem as the summer home to numerous migratory birds.  

MEDSEA in close collaboration with the Municipality of Teulada, has defined a solution based on the installation of sand fencing along the embryonic dunes to prevent trampling across the dunes to avoid the creation of vulnerable canals and protect the vegetation. In a few cases, an intervention with naturalistic techniques will be necessary to restore degraded areas with sand trap and jute mesh.

Directing the flow of users towards predefined paths through information and educational panels. 


Support our Campaign

Our actions are supported by organizations that want to make a difference to protect the marine, terrestrial and coastal ecosystem to avoid particularly negative impacts, also by strengthening their resilience, and to act for their restoration in order to obtain healthy and productive oceans​ and soil.

Together with some of them we have carried out concrete projects for the protection of our sea and for the creation of new Posidonia forests, for circular economy and precision agriculture to limit waste and protect natural resources like freshwater.​

The actions that we will continue to carry out together in the next decade to protect our ocean and land will affect the future of our planet for centuries to come: we have a huge responsibility towards the planet, towards ourselves and future generations.​


Find out our team for dune di Porto Pino


Francesca Etzi

Engineer and restoration expert



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Pics by Fabrizio Crisafio Porto Pino Dune 3 & 4 Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0)

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