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Support Plastic Hunt with Us!

The MEDSEA Foundation supports Plastic Hunt 2021, the international summer Clean-Up initiative launched by our tireless ambassador Sofia Bonicalza!

The Plastic Hunt initiative, now at its 2nd edition, was born in 2020 as an international social distancing beach clean-up, involving more than 183 teams from 65 Countries. This year 65 teams from 38 different countries will collect again the most impressive trash from the sea and beaches, starting from August, 1st 2021 and throughout the whole month, including quizzes, games and creativity. A jury of young environmentalists from all over the world will decide the winners!

MEDSEA, sponsor of the initiative, supports Sofia in the search for funds to reward the volunteers who will gain the podium and to buy certificates of adoption of protected marine species, as prizes. The left budget will finance marine ecosystems restoration’s projects as well.

Supporting Plastic Hunt means encouraging people on cleaning up beaches and the sea around the world and, at the same time, supporting NGOs committed to protecting the sea.

What are you waiting for?

You can make your donation until October 5th 2021!

The funds raised and the funded projects will be published on the and websites will be allocated to these NGOs: Coral Guardian (planting corals in Indonesia) Loggerhead Marine Life Center (taking care of injured turtles in Florida), Tethys Research institute, Delfini del Ponente (monitoring dolphins and whales in the Mediterranean Sea), NGO VAET Togo e Sana Mare.

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