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Solo trip Sea Kayak in Sicily, the new adventure by Giancarlo Gusmaroli

Giancarlo Gusmaroli, environmental engineer, expert in environmental governance and aquatic ecosystems will be once again "on mission" as MEDSEA Ambassador and for the whole month of August with his solo trip in Kayak to tell and share the voice of the Mediterranean Coast by circumnavigating the Island of Sicily. This year, on board with Giancarlo, there will also Svi.Med Onlus Adiad Marevivo Onlus,partners of the initiative, two ONGs strongly committed in the marine conservation.

Last summer Giancarlo circumnavigated Sardinia to collect in his project #messaggioinkayak the voices of the people sharing their thoughts to protect Mediterranean sea, this year the symphony will be favoring sounds over words joining together in a symbolic symphony called #cantodelmediterraneo. The waves breaking over the beaches and the cliffs, the boat noise, the fishermen’s talk while hauling the nets, the wind that blows against the plastic abandoned on the beach, the chant of the children playing or that of the market. Gusmaroli will record the fragments of harmony and danger, the many notes that arise from the sea, recomposing them in a Mediterranean music.

The trip to Sicily started on Friday 30 July from the harbor of Acitrezza. Here Gusmaroli began his adventure that will take him for about 900 kilometers counterclockwise in the circumnavigation of Sicily to proceed, from Catania, towards the Strait of Messina, Capo Peloro, the Egadi and Capo Passero. The circumnavigation, depending on weather and Covid emergency, should be completed in one month.

The voices of the Mediterranean will be recorded and spread on the social channels of the MEDSEA foundation, in particular on Instagram at @medsea_foundation and on the Facebook channel of Giancarlo Gusmaroli (g.gusma). Sounds, images and reports about the conditions of the sea and coasts and each significant encounters which, as in the summer of 2020, will mark the course of the journey, will also be relaunched online by Marevivo Onlus and Svi.Med Onlus.

"The Song of the Mediterranean is an invite for all Sicilians to rediscover a piece of themselves in this journey that talks about the strong relationship between the Mediterranean and its inhabitants" - Giancarlo Gusmaroli explains the deep meaning of his enterprise.

"I wish the song that will come out at sea will arrive on the ground through the people I will meet live or online, just like a spiral conch shell from which you can hear the sound of the sea", the canoer says.

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