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First SEG Meeting of the BLUE4ALL Project: A Focus on Surveillance and Biodiversity Protection

On May 23, 2024, the inaugural SEG (Stakeholder Engagement Group) meeting for the BLUE4ALL Project was held at Casa Todde in Villasimius, with options for remote participation. This meeting marked a crucial step towards addressing the needs and priorities of the Marine Protected Area (MPA) Capo Carbonara, with the goal of devising effective solutions. 

Hosted by the MEDSEA team in collaboration with the Capo Carbonara MPA and the Municipality of Villasimius, the primary objective of this workshop was to gather key stakeholders to evaluate the current needs of the MPA and set priorities. The session was highly interactive, ensuring that all voices were heard and considered in the planning process. 

The meeting was led by the MEDSEA Foundation, represented by project coordinator and Contact Point Francesca Frau, project assistant Michela Congiu, and workshop moderator Giulia Eremita. From the Capo Carbonara MPA, the team included director Valeria Masala and scientific staff members Nicoletta Cadoni and Lara Carosso. 

Utilising the "visual brainstorming" methodology, participants' ideas and suggestions were captured using post-it notes, fostering a dynamic and inclusive discussion environment. 

During the SEG meeting, several key issues and needs were identified to address the challenges faced by the MPA Capo Carbonara. These included the need for more effective surveillance measures within the MPA. Additionally, there was a call for enhanced biodiversity protection and increased environmental education and awareness campaigns. These priorities aim to ensure the long-term sustainability and protection of the marine area. 

The next SEG meeting is scheduled for after the summer break, marking the project's transition into a more intensive phase. 



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