Innovation and circular blue economy in the fishing and aquaculture sectors in the Mediterranean Sea

Sustainable Development Goals:


The MEDSEA Foundation is involved as external expert within the MED BLUEfasma project of which the IMC Foundation (International Marine Center) of Torregrande (OR) is a partner. The objective of BLUEfasma project is to enhance the innovation capacity of SMEs and coastal maritime clusters in general and to promote the circular blue economy in the fishing and aquaculture sectors , within the Mediterranean Sea.

Objectives: BLUEfasma aims to connect different players within a network that can create useful synergies for the development of circular economy practices in order to revolutionize the predominant economic model towards a more sustainable one that sees an opportunity in the reuse of waste and by-products of fishing and aquaculture activities. For this reason, it involves both private and institutional actors with the aim of triggering a dialogue useful for the development of solutions. To do this, BLUEfasma uses the tool of BLUEfasma Living Labs, participative initiatives aimed to establish these connections and at the same time to share and disseminate not only the culture of circularity but also examples of good practice already in progress. By studying the peculiarities of the sector and understanding the key points on which to intervene, BLUEfasma aims to lay the foundations for a broader strategy that takes into account both the needs of the supply chain and access to forms of funding.

MEDSEA activities: The MEDSEA Foundation's role as external expert in the BLUEfasma project concerns the design and implementation of the BLUEfasma Living Labs, following the whole phase of the selection of the participants, the modulation of the thematic activities and the organisation of their events; the drafting of the White Paper focused on the analysis of the barriers, at EU level, hindering the development of the circular economy in the fishery and aquaculture sectors and the identification of possible solutions; the organisation of the national capitalisation event and the support in the drafting phase of the Policy Recommendations at regional level



  • University of Patras – Department of Civil Engineering (Greece)
  • Region of Crete (Greece)
  • Dynamic Vision (Greece)
  • Pôle Mer Méditerranée – Toulon Var Technologies (France)
  • Maritime Cluster of Balearic Islands (Spain / Baleari Islands)
  • MEDCITIES (Spain/ Catalunya)
  • Taormina Etna Consortium (Italy/Sicily)
  • Fondazione IMC (Italy/Sardinia)
  • Larnaca-Famagusta District Development Agency (Cipro)
  • Dubrovnik Neretva Regional Development Agency (Croatia)
  • IrRADIARE, Science for evolution®, Lda. (Portugal/ Metropolitan Area of Lisbon)
  • Chamber of Economy of Montenegro (Montenegro)
  • Malta Marittima Agency (Malta)


Funding Programme: Interreg Mediterranean

Project budget: 2.800.000 €

Budget MEDSEA: 47.000 €

Project duration: Started in 2020 - Ended in 2022 (32 Months)


Deliverable: BLUEfasma White paper
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