Restoration of damaged Posidonia oceanica meadows of the Sinis MPA and sustainable mooring management model

The aim of the MedSeaGrass project is to restore the integrity of priority marine habitat Posidonia oceanica meadow through environmental engineering interventions act to repopulate a degraded area of the MPA "Penisola del Sinis - Isola di Mal di Ventre", and to protect the habitat through the development of a mooring management system in the Marine Protected Area.

Activities include

  • Mapping Posidonia oceanica meadow distribution and identifying degraded areas.
  • Implementing a demonstration activity to restore critical degraded Posidonia oceanica meadow.
  • Designing an APP to monitor mooring activities and their impacts on the habitat
  • Introducing an eco-fee for mooring users to be reinvested in the MPA for a continuous seagrass meadows conservation.

Financial partner: MAVA Foundation

Years: 2020-2022



Photo@ Andrea Alvito


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