Climate risk assessment | South-East France

Applying a climate coastal risk index to the littoral of the Département du Var

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The application of a risk index is one of the most commonly used methods for assessing vulnerability and coastal risk in relation to the impacts of climate change.

The index provides a non-complex numerical basis for classifying the various coastal zones according to their potential for change. The results can be used by local administrators to identify areas where risks can be relatively high.
The work describes the application of a coastal risk index at local scale (CRI-LS), in the coast of the Var Department (France) to identify the portions of the coast that are "at risk".

The work is developed through four consecutive steps:

  • Definition of the coastal unit for the application of the index or Coastal alert zone;
  • Definition of the variables associated with each sub-index and scores of the variable classes;
  • Aggregation of variables, calculation of the three sub-indexes and final index;
  • Construction of risk maps.

In addition to the implementation of the CRI-LS on the entire coast of the VAR, 3 selected zooms were requested for a PO MARITIME project. I am Grimaud, Saint Raphael and Vieux Salins de Hyères.


Financial partner: Plan Bleu

Years: 2015-2016




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