Applying efficient solutions to accelerate climate change adaptation of European communities

Sustainable Development Goals:

 (Accelerating and upscaling transformational adaptation in Europe:​ demonstration of water-related innovation packages) aims to develop and demonstrate solutions and pathways to achieve rapid and far-reaching transformational adaptation across Europe. Cross-sectoral and multi-scale innovation packages will support European regions and communities in their societal transformation towards climate change resilience.

Region-specific portfolios including Nature-Based Solutions, innovative technologies, financing, insurance and governance models, awareness and behavioral change are co-developed and demonstrated. Adaptation will be triggered by a co-innovation process that will co-create adaptation pathways for six demonstrator regions and communities in Europe.

The pathway co-creation process is supported by user-friendly, accessible, and comprehensive multi-sector dynamics data services. The data services fit to the needs of public and private investors, including citizens. To accelerate investment in climate change adaptation, and to enable that plans are brought into practice, TransformAr also demonstrates the potential of business models and alternative finance mechanisms for adaptation.

A European Community of Practice will furthermore be organised and institutionalised to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and other resources that may help to overcome barriers, implement, and accelerate opportunities. MEDSEA will work to implement TransformAr in the west coast of Sardinia in the area of Maristanis.

Programme: Horizon 2020

Years: 2021-2025

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