Anti-trawling structures for the protection and the Natural Restoration in the MPA Sinis Peninsula - Mal di Ventre Island

Sustainable Development Goals:


SATURN "Anti-trawling structures for the protection e the Natural Restoration in the Marine Protected Area Sinis Peninsula - Mal di Ventre Island” was designed to provide an answer to fishing activities and illegal trawling inside the compartment of Oristano and the Marine Area Protected of the Sinis. Activities detected thanks to a specific investigation conducted as part of the project MARISTANIS where it highlighted the widespread perception about the presence of this type of activity. All this despite the precise provisions of ban within the Marine Protected Area and the effort made by the authorities in charge of surveillance and control at sea.

The intervention has the specific objective of activating actions to protect and restore the natural conditions of the threatened habitats from illegal trawling, such as the Posidonia oceanica meadows and the coralligenous.

The planned activities are:

  • installation of sea-friendly bollards on the sandy seabeds and close to the endangered area, always within the three-miles limit from the coastline;
  • raising the awareness of the population on the subject of illegal fishing, one of the main causes of the stocks’ degradation and damage to ecosystems; promoting the sustainable development of the area, through the enhancement and protection of small and artisan fishing, an instrument of economic support and maintenance of local traditions and culture.

The project is in collaboration with the FLAG Pescando with the support of the Municipality of Cabras, the Marine Protected Area "Peninsula del Sinis - Isola di Mal di Ventre ".


Funding program: FEAMP 2014-2020

Project budget: € 296.465,90

Project duration: 2020 - 2023




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