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International Coastal Clean-Up Day / 15th of September 2018

Yearly 8 million tons of plastic waste finished into the oceans. Our society use too much plastic and plastic packages and often these waste end in the oceans. The litter has an impact on the marine ecosystem damaging it. Seabirds, turtles and other species mistake plastic for food which has consequences for their survival.  

The Mediterranean Sea is already one of the most polluted seas globally and without a change it will be worse by 2025. The pollution is chiefly caused by mass tourism, poor waste management and excessive plastic use. 

In the context of the International Coastal Clean-Up Day many non-governmental organisations provide a network to start Clean-up activities worldwide and so, clean-up activities will be held all over the world. One can see all the registered activities on the map of Ocean Conservancy.  

The first Clean-up was held 30 years ago in Texas, when Kathy O’Hara and Linda Maraniss organised their first clean-up in Texas, U.S.A. Since the first clean-up the community and the awareness of the pollution of plastic in the oceans raised. But there is still a lot to do and even more plastic end in the oceans of our world. Microplastic is still used in some cosmetics and excessive use of disposable packages is still present. 

The MEDSEA Foundation in cooperation with Parley for the Oceans, UPA Rostrum e PAP-RAC will organise a Clean Up activity in Split, Croatia for the 23th of September.  

The Clean-up will take place at Vrancjic. The divers will do an extraordinary work in collecting the waste from the seabed of the coastline!  

At the International Coastal Clean-up Day or World Clean-up day participate millions of volunteers. It is a social, apolitical movement which sets a sign and raise awareness for the problem of plastic waste and oceanic pollution. But moreover, we must change our behaviour and to stop excessive use of disposable packages! Be part in saving our oceans. 


More information's: (map of all clean-up activities worldwide, organised by oceans conservancy)