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The start of ZPGE18 - Zones Portuaires Genova 2018

Inauguration at 18:00 at the ZPGE containers at Piazza Caricamento, the fourth edition of ZONES PORTUAIRES / International Festival between City and Port, which will take place in Genoa September 16, 2018. 

Zones Portuaires Genova 2018 represents a platform for connection and exchange for people interested in urban space and the one beyond the customs belt. 

It is organized by the association U-BOOT Lab and promoted by the MEDSEA Mediterranean Sea and Coast Foundation and Incontri in Città (DAFiSt - UniGE). 

The festival offers several places to visit, events, workshops, laboratories, exhibitions, projections and talks. 

The theme of this edition is: “The faces of the Port”.  The focus lies on the “invisible” workers, who daily move cranes, containers, open and close the gates, build and repair the ships and the dockers who direct ships into the port, moor them, ensure safety and allow people to travel. 

"We had already decided to put the emphasis, in 2018, on the human dimension of the work in the Port” explained the organizers Maria Elena Buslacchi and Maria Pina Usai, “also in relation to the various accidents that have occurred in different Italian ports in the recent months. As a form of thanks and attention to all the people who make up the Port, and therefore the City, we conceived the installation on the dam, inserted with the photos of Simone Lezzi in the Inside Out circuit of the works of public art of the French artist JR, who portrayed in large format about three hundred thousand people around the world.” 

Last May at the Aquarium, Zones Portuaires hosted the protagonists of Marina Caffè Noir of Cagliari as part of the Festival del Mare. It staged in June on a sailboat departing from Marseille and was directed to Lesbos and moored for a week at the Porto Antico. The show C'est la Goutte d'Eau”, written on board of the Aquarius with the stories of migrants on board, travelled on the sailing boat Yellow along the Ligurian Riviera, the Côte d'Azur and the Var to dock at the ports of the coasts from Genoa to Marseille and to net a cross-border port area. 

ZONES PORTUAIRES GENOA 2018 proposes a rich calendar of events that addresses the active participation of citizens and tourists of all ages. The festival promotes new dynamics of interaction between public and private bodies in the management of port areas: walks, sailing, guided tours, artistic actions, conferences and exhibitions. Moments of informal meetings lead to the discovery of a near world, but often unknown. 

The event will take place in the context of the European Cultural Heritage Year 2018. 

For more information about the program: 

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