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Hope for Sennariolo, the reforestation takes shape with Roseberg x Racing

The reforestation and regeneration activities of Hope for Sennariolo coordinated by our foundation takes shape. Last week we had the pleasure of hosting one of the events for the reforestation of Montiferru, in Sardinia, with the Municipality of Sennariolo. The event, wanted by the champion and driver Nico Rosberg with the Rosberg X Racing, among the supporters of "Hope for Sennariolo", together with Extreme E and the ACI – Automobile Club d’Italia - partner, Allianz and Life Terra (which celebrated the millionth tree planted in Sardinia and geolocated in its platform) welcomed and engaged in their activities the children of Sennariolo and the students of two primary classes of the Lilliu Institute of Cagliari. 

The first 60 plants were planted with the help of the children who enthusiastically participated in the reforestation activities in the rural area of Santa Vittoria, in the activities coordinated by Carlo Poddi, forestry manager MEDSEA. 

“In 2021 more than 70% of the total areas covered by fire were the result of eight terrible days, recordings from very high temperatures and strong winds. According to the researchers, this has been a clear sign of ongoing climate change - explained Alessio Satta, president of the MEDSEA Foundation - Sardinia is particularly exposed to summer fires because it is a very windy island, beaten mainly by the west and mistral winds, and remains without rain almost all summer, when the average maximum monthly temperatures reach 32 degrees Celsius, with daily peaks of 40 degrees”. Added to this there is the decrease in average of the soil moisture due to drought and currents, therefore rather dry winds, which often cause hot updrafts that can carry sparks and ignite fires. 

“Human beings have evolved over time, facing constant difficulties... – added Satta – we descend from people who survived an infinite number of predators, wars, famines, diseases and catastrophes. The story goes that man is made to live with stress on a daily basis. The human being possesses a set of resources inherited from the past, which allow him to resist, adapt, learn and overcome adversity. And this is why we are here, to learn from this disaster, to help the community of Sennariolo and Montiferru adapt to extreme events and build resilience through the recovery of the Santa Vittoria Forest". 

"It is an honor for me to be here today and contribute to the reforestation of this land - said Rosberg speaking to the community and the children of Sennariolo, in the company of his daughter - as a child I had a similar experience which was terrible for me and every year I used to come here to Sardinia with my family on vacation. Being able to participate in races here with the Extreme E where we won the last edition and, at the same time, being able to do something concrete, is a great satisfaction for me". The initiatives in Sennariolo are part of the RXR's Driven by purpose of the Nico Rosberg x racing team in collaboration with the Extreme E Legacy Program. 

The meeting was also attended by one of the leading experts in climate change, Peter Wadhams, glaciologist and emeritus professor of the University of Cambridge who, for the occasion, gave a lectio magistralis on the theme of climate change, its causes and consequences. 

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