Strengthen resilience of Mediterranean communities to face climate, social and environmental challenges 

Sustainable Development Goals:




The coastal countries of the Mediterranean are considered among the most exposed to climate change because they are subject to numerous impacts, for example: extreme weather events, scarcity of water resources, increased risk of fires, decreased carbon storage capacity and loss of biodiversity.​

The ENSERES (ENhancing Socio-Ecological RESilience in Mediterranean coastal areas) project, focuses on transferring and mainstreaming models of integrated coastal zones management based on natural resources and ecosystem conservation, as sustainable livelihoods for coastal urban communities.​

The project, which brings together 7 organizations from 6 Mediterranean countries under the coordination of the University of Malaga, addresses the environmental challenges of the Mediterranean based on demonstration projects in the partner territories, Sfax, Tiro and Oristano. 

​As a capitalization project, ENSERES seeks transformative changes that will allow public authorities, socio-economic actors and local communities, to face and adapt to global changes.



Programme: ENI CBC MED

Years: 2021-2023​ 


Photo @ Livio Mura


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