Biodiversity conservation of coastal and marine ecosystems in a low-carbon adaptation plan

Sustainable Development Goals:

REST-COAST develops a systemic approach to coastal restoration based on a scalable coastal 
adaptation plan. The plan will underpin a transformative change in governance and policies, proving the importance of the coastal dimension in the EU Green Deal for adaptation/mitigation under climate change.

The proposed adaptation will facilitate replicating large scale restoration and introducing coastal Eco-System Services (ESS) into national and international policies.


REST-COAST addresses seven specific objectives:

  • Demonstrate new coastal restoration practice/techniques. 

  • Generate new tools/data to assess risk reduction at present/climatic scales, using advanced forecasting models, extended to incorporate ESS. 

  • Design/apply innovative financial arrangements and bankable business plans that support restoration upscaling in the Pilots, based on new data/techniques and achieved risk reduction to overcome barriers. 

  • Develop/test a scalable plan for coastal adaptation through large scale restoration, applying homogeneous metrics for the five ESS considered to delineate tipping points. 

  • Co-design innovative governance arrangements and/or policies to overcome present barriers against large scale restoration. 

  • Develop and introduce new tools for a Green Deal social transformation/engagement that, starting from the coast, will spread to policy/decision makers, ecosystem managers and civil society. 

  • Transfer restoration tools/data/expertise and demo material to new Pilot stakeholders,  EU Green Deal officers and international organisations.



Funding Programme: HORIZON 2020

Years: October 2021 - March 2026

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Activities, Climate Action, Coastal management, Biodiversity conservation