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A step forward for the Maristanis project, towards the Regional Park of wetlands in Sardinia

The Municipal Council of Oristano, on the proposal of the Councilor for the Environment Maria Bonaria Zedda, has launched the participatory process and the preparatory actions necessary for the establishment of the Regional Natural Park of the Terre d’Acqua dell’Oristanese. 

“The Maristanis project is an international cooperation project for the definition of an integrated management model of the wetlands and coastal areas of the Gulf of Oristano; co-financed by the MAVA Foundation and coordinated by the MEDSEA Foundation in collaboration with the "Sinis Peninsula - Mal di Ventre Island" Marine Protected Area - specifies the Mayor of Oristano Massimiliano Sanna -. Maristanis develops in parallel with three other projects co-financed by MAVA in Tunisia, Montenegro and Albania and is aimed at the protection and improvement of the management of six wetlands of international importance (Ramsar sites), located in the marine - coastal territory of the Gulf of Oristano and of the Sinis Peninsula and the Sinis Peninsula Marine Protected Area - Mal di Ventre Island, which involves the Municipalities of San Vero Milis, Riola Sardo, Cabras, Oristano, Santa Giusta, Palmas Arborea, Arborea, Guspini, Arbus and Terralba ". 

In recent months, the Mayors of the Municipalities of Arborea, Arbus, Cabras, Guspini, Oristano, Palmas Arborea, Riola Sardo, San Vero Milis, Santa Giusta and Terralba, the President of the Oristanese Reclamation Consortium, the President of the Province of Oristano and the Regional Councilor for the Defense of the Environment, have signed the Marine-Coastal Wetlands Contract of Oristano together with the Action Program. Subsequently, the Municipality of Nurachi also joined. 

"Now we are entering the implementation phase - Maria Bonaria Zedda,  the Councilor for the Environment, explains -. The MEDSEA Foundation, to which the Technical Secretariat has been entrusted, will take care of the participation process with the aim of presenting the Contract and the Action Plan by launching a phase of listening and involving the key players in the area. The final goal is the establishment of the Park which could ensure the unitary management of the complex of transition water ecosystems, guaranteeing, also in consideration of their international and community importance, the conservation and enhancement of natural, environmental, historical and cultural resources, their social use, the promotion of scientific research and environmental teaching, as well as the sustainable development of compatible economic activities, first of all traditional, fishing, agricultural, livestock, craft and tourism ones and the landscape requalification of the settlements ". 

"Numerous successful experiences in Italy testify that the establishment of a park allows for the generation of new economic opportunities in favor of local communities in the involved areas - Maria Bonaria Zedda adds -. In the immediate future, the following actions are planned: preparation of specialist environmental, sociological, anthropological, socio-economic studies and other useful aspects for improving the general knowledge of the territory; animation and awareness raising activities, including the organization of specific meetings with institutional and non-institutional stakeholders, the population and stakeholders; presentation of good practices implemented in other similar realities, also with the involvement of other managers of protected areas ". 

Article from the website of the municipality of Oristano of 12/08/2022 

Cover pic S'Ena Arrubia Lagoon Ⓒ Livio Mura

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