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TransformAr makes a stop in Finland for the sixth Consortium Meeting

In mid-April, the sixth Consortium meeting of the H2020 TransformAr Project was held in Lappeenranta, recognized as the Climate Capital of Finland. This city truly exemplifies sustainability, with 100% of waste recycled and all city-used electricity being CO2 free, aiming to become carbon neutral by 2030. 

MEDSEA and other partners have entered the third year of the project, with many innovative solutions to tackle climate change being implemented across six pilot sites. These solutions are based on governance, nature-based solutions, social acceptance, and digital and technological systems. 

Three days of debates, in-depth analyses, and field visits helped to better understand the nature-based solution being implemented in Lappeenranta to reduce flood risks in the city. The group also visited several artificial wetlands created on predominantly private lands in and around Lappeenranta. These artificial wetlands function as nature-based solutions to reduce the impacts of climate change and soil pollution, overall improving the environmental quality of the entire area. 

The artificial wetlands around Lappeenranta city, one of the TransformAr's demo site

TransformAr Horizon 2020 is a project aimed at developing and demonstrating solutions and models for rapid and extensive transformative adaptation across Europe, with the Lappeenranta site being just one of seven demonstration sites.  

In Oristano, the only Italian pilot site with MEDSEA, we have entered the most operational phase (read the article). We recently met - together with the Municipality of Terralba - with fishermen from the San Giovanni Lagoon of the Marceddì Consortium to share the next phases of the project: in particular, the deployment of sensors that will allow monitoring of the water quality of the lagoon was announced. Moreover, the pathways for adapting to climate change, discussed with the agriculture and fishing sectors, have been shared and confirmed. 

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