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How to communicate the circular economy?

How to communicate the best circular economy practices for the public administration in a clear and effective way? 

We talked about it on 18 May at Forum PA, the main event dedicated to the public administration, which takes place every year in Rome at the Palazzo dei Congressi. Our Foundation, through the voice of Vania Statzu, environmental economist and MEDSEA vice-president, spoke within the CReIAMO PA project by the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security, which aims to strengthen the skills and networks for Environmental Integration and for the Improvement of PA Organizations. 

At the technical table "Communicating the Circular Economy: communication as a tool for the promotion and dissemination of projects, initiatives and good practices implemented in the various territorial contexts by the PA", Vania brought some of the activities carried out recently by the foundation and highlighted which characteristics have made the communication and dissemination on circular economy issues so successful.  

Vania analysed the results of the recent circular economy project carried out with the Nieddittas company off the coast of Oristano, in the Corru Mannu wetland of International Importance (RAMSAR), which consists of an artificial island for shelter and resting for birds obtained from mussel waste of the largest mussels farm in Sardinia. A circular economy project that has aroused the interest of the media from all over the world - including the Reuters agency and the Turkish Anadolu Ajansı - with dozens of TV, paper and online press publications from the designing phase to its implementation. The economist highlighted how it is necessary to simplify the story, but also to look at each individual multi-strategy and multi-objective action which "fit well with the need that public administrations have to achieve many environmental objectives at the same time, often also in contexts of limited resources”. In particular, this circular economy project is also a Nature-based Solution, i.e. a solution based on nature that responds to the goals of mitigation and adaptation to climate change promoted by the European Green Deal and the European Strategy for Biodiversity to 2030. 

The 3 "S" rule of good communication in line with the values ​​and identity of the brands involved, in this case the MEDSEA Foundation and the Nieddittas company, have been successful throughout the creation and communication process of the same. Storytelling for a story capable of arousing emotions in line with its principles; Storydoing to engage the audience with actions that are perceived to be useful to them; Storyliving to narrate a memorable experience that inspires people to mobilise and take action (e.g. choosing an environmentally active company or an environmentally friendly product or adopting a new lifestyle promoted by your municipality). At the panel with Vania Statzu was also Elisabetta Pozzetto, professional journalist, deputy editor-in-chief of Agenzia Regione Cronacheby the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. 

Vania Statzu, representing MEDSEA, had already participated as a speaker in two previous online events of Creiamo PA, on December 14, 2022 on the theme "The evaluation of ecosystem services as a multi-objective tool for the sustainable management of Ramsar sites" and on 30 November 2021 on the theme "The performance indicators of the circular economy: some possible measurements at the regional level". 

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