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Puliamo la Sella! returns to Cagliari on June 17th. Come join!

Puliamo la Sella! returns to Cagliari on 17 June 2023. The traditional clean up organised by the MEDSEA Foundation in the iconic Sella del Diavolo in Cagliari turns 5 in a special edition dedicated to sustainable urban mobility and ghost nets, the abandoned or lost fishing nets stationed in our depths, thanks to the collaboration with the Coast Guard of Cagliari.


How and where?  

Appointment on June 17 at 9 am at the amphitheatre of Marina Piccola, Cagliari for the formation of groups. We will leave shortly after to go plastic hunting at sea, on the land, underwater and on the beach, along the first stops of the Poetto with return always to the amphitheatre (meeting point) at around 11:40 for the traditional ritual pic shot with the “loot” of waste and plastics recovered from the sea! 


The Puliamo la Sella! Meet up at Anfiteatro di Marina Piccola, Poetto  

Who can take part? 

Everyone can participate, individually, as a couple, family or in a group, only after registering from the link. Under 18 and kids must be accompanied by an adult. Places are limited. 


What to bring? 

Bring a hat, sun cream and gloves (those for gardening), garbage bags will be provided on site. Remember to bring water bottles to hydrate yourself whenever you need to. 


Why take part to Puliamo la Sella! ? 

Puliamo la Sella! It is a fixed appointment in the city and was created with the aim of promoting respect for marine and coastal habitats within the PlasticFreeMed initiatives. More than 80% of the plastic that ends up in the sea, compromising the life of aquatic species - some of which are threatened with extinction - comes from the beaches and is accidentally dumped (by the wind or forgotten). With Puliamo la Sella! we want to bring clean ups into our good daily habits. From 2018 to today we have collected over 15 tons of waste. 

 The sea and its marine creatures thank you!  


This year we are happy to announce the collaboration with the CTM of Cagliari - the local transport company that has long been committed to developing more sustainable and lower-impact mobility, through the renewal of the vehicle fleet towards a fully electric fleet by 2033. 



BCTM electric buses - Poetto line, Cagliari - Photo from 

Together with CTM, they support this edition of Puliamo La Sella! also L'Aurora Beach Bar & Grill, our usual headquarters at Poetto which has long been committed to reducing disposable plastic, Federlab Sardegna which brings together the over 50 medical clinics across of the island, and which - with Puliamo la Sella! wants to send a message: "let's take care of the environment with the same care with which we take care of ourselves". Also Egos Colloquium 39th edition supports Puliamo La Sella!, an international symposium of researchers, managers and thinkers, organised by the University of Cagliari which will take place in Cagliari from 6 to 9 July, to rethink the "good life" between inheritance and imagination with sustainability and inclusiveness as core values.



Puliamo la Sella! Is patronised bythe Autonomous Region of Sardinia (RAS), Comune di Cagliari and Ordine dei Biologi Sardegna, with the support of the Regional Network for the conservation of marine life. Puliamo la Sella! wouldn’t be possible without the numerous sports and youth associations that take part in the event every year and which allow us to act safely at sea, on the seabed and on land.

We therefore begin to officially thank  The Autonomous Region of Sardinia, Cagliari Port Authority, and the Regional Network for the Conservation of Marine Fauna:   Reset UniCa, Upside Down Sardinia, Tutt'in SUP - Sardinia SUP Tours, Lo Kayakko FT (cancella), ISULA Fishing Club Sardegna,  E-Boats Sardinia, S'Avanzada Climbing Cagliari, Waterworld Cagliari Centro Subacqueo (cancella), Seaworld Cagliari (aggiungere), Apnea Academy - Centro sportivo Tribune, Windsurfing Club Cagliari, AIR SUB, Apnea Academy, Scuola Apnea Sardegna, Avanzi on the rocks,  Farmacia Politica. 


Bonus: get ready for the #PuliamoLaSella contest 

We want you to take Puliamo la Sella! Even more seriously by bringing the initiative in your everyday life and daily good habits. Just collect and confer that waste that is slipping dangerously towards the sea, left to itself, everytime you can. We encourage you to share your kind gesture for the sea this summer with the hashtag #PuliamoLaSella on instagram.  

MEDSEA together with CTM - the Cagliari Local public transport company - is thinking of something special just for you. Soon all the details! 

In the meantime, start collecting and take a selfie or a group photo, a reel or a normal video while you are collecting waste at sea…  


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