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Hope for Sennariolo: The environmental requalification project in the aftermath of the Montiferru fire gets underway.

With "Hope for Sennariolo", environmental regeneration following the devastating fire of Montiferru, Planargia and Alta Marmilla in July 2021, is taking shape. The MEDSEA Foundation and the Municipality of Sennariolo announce the start of reforestation work this coming autumn with a meeting with the population held on Monday, July 31 in the Council Chamber of Sennariolo. 
The project involves an intense environmental and agroforestry requalification of the territory, with the aim of returning to the community an environment that can offer primary ecosystem services, such as food supply and regulation (including climate mitigation, water purification, pollination process...). The extensive intervention affecting the territory of Sennariolo, among the municipalities that lost the most agricultural and forest area in the great fire of 2021, is divided into two main phases. 
The first phase, already underway, involves the requalification of the soil damaged by the passage of fire through the removal of organic residues and the recovery of material, part of which will be transformed into chipped for soil fertilization necessary for the second phase. The latter will begin with the end of the fire season - during the autumn of 2023 - and consists in the preparation of the ground and, subsequently, in the planting of the first 4000 plants on over 4 hectares of requalified territory, including olive trees, oaks, corks and other native Sardinian species and Mediterranean shrubs and forest. With the aim of extending the requalification throughout the area, up to over 40 hectares. 
As Alessio Satta, president of the MEDSEA Foundation, explains: "Hope For Sennariolo goes beyond the immediate response to the fire. It is a long-term strategy to regenerate and protect the natural environment, encouraging in the long run the socio-economic revival of the area - as originally - and promoting at the same time biodiversity and the well-being of our community". 
Specifically, "the project involves a global requalification of the hill of Santa Vittoria, "Su Monte", as it is better known, starting from the reforestation of the area affected by the fire and then involving the entire surface, - adds Gianbattista Ledda, mayor of Sennariolo - with the final aim of replanting the old vineyard that stood on the western side, thus creating concrete job opportunities and development for the territory". 
Among the medium and long-term objectives, to "achieve the highest degree of requalification possible - explain Carlo Poddi and Maria Francesca Nonne, project coordinators and referents of the ground activities of the MEDSEA Foundation - we are considering the creation of an area with nectar-bearing species dedicated to pollinating insects, to enrich local biodiversity, improve ecosystem services and contribute to the repopulation of bees. Among the possibilities under consideration, also "the planting of surface to olive - of the local cultivar - for the production of oil". 

"Several companies are already supporting the campaign, we invite all companies, local and not, who care about Sardinia, to contribute to this great regeneration project", concludes Satta. "We have the opportunity to make a significant difference over the course of this decade and respond promptly also to the global challenges of climate change". 


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