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TransformAr, Adaptation Pathways to Climate Change for Fishing Validated, All Set for Sensor Installation

TransformAr enters its most operational phase at the pilot site in Oristano where, in March, the MEDSEA team met with the Municipality of Terralba and the fishermen of the San Giovanni Lagoon from the Marceddì Consortium to share the next phases of the project: in particular, the installation of sensors was announced, which will allow the detection of water quality data of the lagoon. Furthermore, the adaptation pathways were shared and confirmed, previously discussed by the productive activities - especially agriculture and fishing - last autumn.  

The adaptation pathways take into account all possible scenarios in various sectors - following the climate crisis and its effects - and provide possible guidance on how to deal with situations such as, for example, periods of prolonged drought, rising sea levels. Recommendations that will be made available to undertake active policies aimed at the resilience of critical infrastructures, sustainable water resource management, and the protection of coastal and lagoon communities. But above all, the foundations have been laid - thanks to the TransformAr project - towards greater awareness of fundamental issues that already concern our present. According to fishermen, to make the adaptation pathways truly effective, it is necessary "that they are accompanied by a regulatory framework that takes into account the impacts related to climate change. Only in this way - the speakers highlighted - the development of adaptation strategies in various economic sectors can be effective, as well as the sector of non-intensive fishing practised in our lagoons, be facilitated". 


The installation of advanced sensors in the San Giovanni Pond (SIC Marceddì - San Giovanni - Corru S’Ittiri compendium) will allow the measurement of vital water quality data of the lagoon, through the collection of essential information such as temperature, pH, and oxygen levels, crucial elements to evaluate the health of the delicate lagoon ecosystem and manage the opening and closing of a "smart" sluice gate, capable of safeguarding fish stocks and mitigating the effects of extreme events due to climate change. 


In the preceding days, the handover of the maritime state areas falling within the SIC ITB030032 "Stagno di Corru S’Ittiri" area, more precisely in the San Giovanni and Marceddì compendium, was formalised by the Commander of the Port Authority of Oristano, Federico Pucci, to the Municipality of Terralba, to proceed with the imminent intervention. 

The installation of the sensors in the lagoon will be followed by a testing phase to assess the impact and effectiveness of the adopted solutions. 

TransformAr, Horizon 2020, aims to develop and demonstrate solutions and pathways for achieving rapid and far-reaching transformative adaptation across Europe. 


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