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MEDSEA unveiled the old tower ("Torre Vecchia") of Marceddì

The Torre Vecchia di Marceddì, known by all as “Turri Eccia”, opens its doors after a period of restoration cared by the MEDSEA Foundation. The inauguration took place on 25 June in Marceddì, a charming fishing village, together with the Terralbese Municipality in the presence of the Mayor of Terralba Sandro Pili, the president of the MEDSEA Foundation Alessio Satta, the regional councilor for the environment Gianni Lampis, the architects Pier Paolo Perra and Francesca Rango of the Casciu - Rango studio. The ceremony, in the presence of many citizens, took place with the support of local associations in the area and the musical accompaniment of the Civic School of Music of Terralba.

"This is our symbol, our banner, but it is first of all the symbol of our whole territory - the mayor Sandro Pili explains - today it is the demonstration of the union of several forces, public and private subjects who have worked for an intervention of restoration and redevelopment. We are happy and thrilled to have accomplished with this very high mission”.

“We were honored to work on an icon that evokes memories and emotions, also collected on the occasion of the qualification of the tower as a “place in the heart” by FAI, and we really thank you for your trust. Today the area has a more beautiful and accessible old tower”, Alessio Satta, president of the MEDSEA foundation, says thanks.

The Tower, built in the second half of the 16th century, had begun its restoration in June 2020, following a project financed by the MEDSEA Foundation and the Municipality of Terralba, after the property, owned by the state property, was given in concession to the same municipality.

MEDSEA, a foundation committed to the protection of coastal marine ecosystems in Sardinia and in the Mediterranean Region, took over the site, entrusted the construction management to the architects Pier Paolo Perra and Maria Franca Perra and the implementation work to the firm C.G.P. The restoration, which lasted a total of 10 weeks, allowed the rehabilitation of the building and the reconstruction of missing parts, keeping as much as possible the signs of history and the effects of different layers of time. In recent months, the interior design was completed by the Casciu Rango Architetti studio, while the sound installation by L'ambulante

The restoration work will lead the tower to become an observatory of the very important surrounding wetlands, protected by the international convention of Ramsar, as well as a point of attraction for tourists, enthusiasts, schools, researchers of the wetlands. On the ground floor there is an exhibition that tells the story of the tower, while on the first floor an observatory of the landscape of the surrounding wetlands has been set up, a space of contemplation with three seats to observe the elements of sky, water and earth, in correspondence with the windows of the building. The terrace, which in the past housed the braziers useful for signaling danger, has been set up as an observation point for the birdlife and the surrounding "water lands". The construction of the photovoltaic system will guarantee the accumulation of electricity necessary for the internal uses of the tower.

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