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Safeguarding Biodiversity with the project “Adopt the Spiaggia Grande vineyard”

In the "adopted" vineyard of Spiaggia Grande on the Island of Sant'Antioco, the second harvest of La Casa di Sophia by Luisa Camoglio came to life. Luisa, entrepreneur and doctor, a member of the MEDSEA blue Community committed to the sea and the environment in Sardinia. Half a hectare for 2500 Carignano del Sulcis vines, recovered in a collective project for the adoption and rebirth of an ancient abandoned vineyard, partly centenary. 

312 bottles “ISTMO 2020” produced from grapes harvested at the end of August 2020, some distributed to the 20 donors who supported the work of the 2020/2021 season. 

Among the works financed and carried out over the last year, the pruning of the windbreak hedges abandoned for years, the fertilization between the rows with organic fertilizer, the pruning of the vines in winter and in spring (removing the excess buds), working the soil with the tractor, treatments with sulfur and copper in April and May (to protect the new and youngest shoots) and in July and August with sulfur, the essential oil of orange, Bacillus Thuringiensis to respectively contain the attacks of the Oidium fungus, green leafhopper insects and vine moth and feed the vines. 

Thanks to all these activities, the plants are reinvigorated with longer and more robust shoots, producing a greater number of clusters than the previous year. The 2021 harvest that took place in September certainly brought a better product, albeit in less quantity (400 kg of grapes harvested and 1800 liters of) due to the up and downs in weather conditions, from strong rain to heat, which favored the contamination of the Oidium fungus (Uncinula necator). 

"In organic farming you have to be tenacious and the results will come - Luisa Camoglio, entrepreneur and creator of the project Adopt the Vineyard of Spiaggia Grande, explains - for next season we will help the plants to better defend themselves and we will nourish them so that they are strengthened even more". 


Among the future activities in the field, the treatment of the vines with sulfur from March to July, organic fertilization and "green manuring", the green fertilization between the rows, necessary to nourish a sandy soil, poor in nutrients. 

“Till the 70ies it was used, between the vineyard rows, to fertilize the soil with the tuna scraps, when the Tonnare were active, today we will plant the beans - Luisa explains next work to be done, also announcing the involvement of Lucien Angei, an “highly experienced winemaker”.  

“It is an honor to have the precious contribution of the people to enhance the vineyards and our wines – Camoglio said - The project has a great value for the territory, it attracts enthusiasts of the world of wine and lovers of healthy agriculture that respects the environment. Soon (together with the partners of Piedi nell’Isola) we will begin to develop LA SCUOLA DEL CARIGNANO project, a school that marks the traditional viticulture of the island's Carignano and the transformation of grapes into fine and healthy wines that bring back the flavor of the sea and the territory in our glasses ". 

“Adopt the Spiaggia Grande” vineyard is part of the shared development project Piedi nell’Isola with Casa di Sophia, involving also also the oenologists Lucien Angei and Alberto Covacci, as well as the MACC Foundation (Museo Arte Contemporanea Calasetta) and the archive of the Tabarchina RAIXE culture (Calasetta). 

How to support Adopt the Spiaggia Grande vineyard 

By adopting the Spiaggia Grande vineyard, you can support its recovery and care according to the organic cultivation method and take part in the shared learning of an ancient culture handed down from father to son, supporting the preservation of the cultural heritage of the Island, of the Tabarchino people and of Sardinia itself. In addition to this, you receive the bottles of wine produced and you can take part in the initiatives in the vineyard, including the summer dinner in the vineyard. 

Every adoption will take 1-3 years, max 40 members. What you get in return  

Adoption # 1 (300 euros, VAT included) 

1 year: 18 bottles, 2 days in the vineyard, 2 days in the cellar, 1 dinner in the vineyard in summer. 

2nd year: 20 bottles, same as above. 

3rd year: 22 bottles, same as above. 


Adoption # 2 (150 euros VAT included) 

1 year: 9 bottles, 1 day in the vineyard, 1 day in the cellar, 1 dinner in the vineyard in summer. 

2nd year: 10 bottles, same as above. 

3rd year: 11 bottles, same as above. 

In 3 years, viticulture techniques such as pruning, stripping and topping, stripping of the vines and defense treatments and artisan enology techniques such as pumping over and punching down are followed, decanting and bottling. 

Max 10 people per day will be able to participate in the working days in the vineyard and in the cellar. The work schedule will be sent by email (attendance is not mandatory). 

For the dinner in the vineyard, a long table will be set up between the rows. The wine of the vintage will be presented on that occasion; in order to contain the share of donations, participants will be asked to prepare a dish of their choice (food sharing). It will be possible the participation of friends and relatives. 

To support the project and become a donor, please contact Luisa Camoglio (tel +39 3479737575 & email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) 

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