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Extreme-E supports A Forest for Bees by MEDSEA: A full immersion in the life of Bees during the IslandXPrix

Extreme E, the international competition of electric SUVs, has renewed its collaboration with MEDSEA to support the A Forest For Bees campaign. This initiative aims to create a widespread nectariferous forest in Sardinia to aid pollinators. This project complements the support for Hope for Sennariolo, a regeneration and reforestation campaign in response to the devastating Montiferru fire. 

During the recent IslandXPrix event which took place on 8-9 July, we accompanied drivers and staff to explore the territory, delving into its environmental and ecological threats. This experience included a deep dive into the life of bees at the Terrantiga Apicoltori Sardi company, providing a profound understanding of how life on this planet is intrinsically connected to these pollinators. 

We appreciate companies that provide continuity in their presence and push boundaries to achieve increasingly ambitious goals, like Extreme E, especially considering the global climate challenge we are all called to face. 

Companies interested in contributing to any of these campaigns can do so by contacting us: 

A Forest For Bees

Hope For Sennariolo

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