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The Marceddì Tower Receives InArt Sardegna 2023 Architectural Prize

The setup of "La Torre di Marceddì" (Marceddì Tower) in Terralba has received the prestigious "In/Architettura Sardegna 2023" award, promoted by Inarch National Institute of Architecture and ANCE, in collaboration with Archilovers. The project, completed in 2021, marked the return of one of the most significant historical monuments in the Oristanese lagoons and the Marceddì Lagoon to its former glory, reopening its doors to the public. 

The conservation and restoration project of the Tower, as well as the subsequent interior design, carried out by the MEDSEA Foundation with the aim of consolidating the structural integrity, ensuring the usability of the interior spaces, and restoring its aesthetic value, has returned the nearly 500-year-old iconic tower to its historical beauty and significance (see the project). The interior design, curated by the Casciu Rango Firm of Architects, has contributed to preserving its historical significance as an "Observatory of Wetlands" conceived within the Maristanis project. 

The "In/Architettura Sardegna 2023" award is therefore a tribute to the expertise and dedication of the architecture firm of Mario Casciu and Francesca Rango within the MEDSEA Foundation project with the "goal of preserving the cultural heritage of Sardinia."  

The restoration of "La Torre di Marceddì" not only restores one of the most emblematic monuments of the region to its former greatness but also serves as an example of how collaboration between institutions, in this case, the Municipality of Terralba, and professionals can contribute to preserving and enhancing our rich heritage. 


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