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MEDSEA in Domus De Maria, a shared commitment to the protection of the sea

In recent weeks, the MEDSEA team had the opportunity to meet with middle school students from the municipality of Domus De Maria, located on the southern western coast of Sardinia. They were warmly welcomed by the school staff and the mayor, Maria Concetta Spada. 

The main topic of discussion with the students was the magnificent Posidonia oceanica meadow, a marine plant essential for the marine ecosystem. These meadows, in addition to providing a habitat for many marine species, play a crucial role in carbon capture, helping to combat climate change. However, they are threatened by various environmental factors, primarily trawling and incorrect anchoring. 

To address these threats, MEDSEA introduced the "Blue Carbon" project as part of the broader campaign "A Marine Forest to Save the Planet". The goal is to protect and preserve the marine phanerogam meadows, ensuring they continue to thrive and play their vital role in the marine ecosystem. 

With the support of Extreme-E, MEDSEA announced that the next marine reforestation season will focus on the Domus De Maria area (with the replantation of 400m2 of Posidonia oceanica seagrass meadows). The objective is clear: to protect and restore one of the natural heritages that make the beaches of Domus De Maria unique and valuable. 

The collaboration with Extreme-E, the international Island X Prix competition for electric SUVs, which recently stopped in Sardinia, has further strengthened MEDSEA's commitment. This partnership goes beyond raising awareness and also translates into concrete actions to reduce environmental impacts. The meeting with the students and the community of Domus De Maria reinforced the importance of collaboration and joint action. 


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