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TransformAr reaches halfway point: partnership meeting in Egaleo, updates on the demo site in Sardinia

Fifth Partnership Meeting in Egaleo (Greece) at the beginning of November for TransformAR. Aiming to develop and demonstrate transformative adaptation solutions to climate change, rapidly and effectively across the EU, the project has reached the halfway point of its cycle, entering a crucial phase of implementation and evaluation. In Egaleo, one of the six pilot sites, representatives from various sites met, including MEDSEA (operating in the Marceddì-San Giovanni Lagoon in the Oristano area), to review the activities. 

From November 7 to 9, 2023, representatives from various TransformAR demonstration sites gathered to discuss progress and emerging challenges. Egaleo hosted the event, offering a unique perspective on the urban climate issues that the project aims to address at this site. 

Urban and Climatic Issues in Egaleo 

In Egaleo, rapid urbanization has exacerbated environmental and infrastructural problems, with an increase in CO2 and NOx emissions intensifying heatwaves, negatively impacting citizen health. The lack of green spaces and inadequacy of urban infrastructure make the city vulnerable to extreme climate events such as thunderstorms and heatwaves. 


The urban heat island phenomenon, exacerbated by climate change, increases energy consumption and carbon footprint, deteriorating urban infrastructure and increasing the risk of floods due to reduced water absorption capacity. Heatwaves are particularly dangerous for the elderly and vulnerable groups, highlighting the need for adequate cooling. 

The risks of wildfires and floods in Egaleo, exacerbated by extreme temperatures and inadequate flood risk management systems, are a growing concern. These environmental issues highlight the urgency of adopting more sustainable lifestyles and greater attention to environmental management. 

During the meeting, participants visited Egaleo's innovation hub, where innovative solutions in development were showcased. These include the installation of smart weather stations at key municipal buildings to monitor microclimatic conditions and a city app to engage residents in the climate change debate. 

To promote climate awareness, especially among young people and students, awareness modules will be designed. Additionally, a climate innovation hub will encourage green and climate-responsible entrepreneurship. Finally, an analysis of the demand for social services and infrastructure will be conducted, a crucial step to understand and meet the community's emerging needs. 


TranformAR at the Marceddì-San Giovanni Pilot Site (Terralba) in Sardinia 

The meeting in Egaleo represented a turning point for the project, indicating a transition from the planning phase to the concrete implementation of solutions. 

While the TransformAR project proceeds successfully in Egaleo, at the Marceddì - San Giovanni Lagoon, located in the municipality of Terralba in Italy, the MEDSEA team is preparing for significant upcoming developments (see details of the project in this previous article). 

In recent weeks, monitoring equipment has been purchased to collect essential data on the lagoon's water quality (temperature, pH, redox potential, dissolved oxygen percentage, saturation...). The second technical table with public entities involved in the lagoon's management has allowed outlining effective strategies for the project's management. 

This coming winter, an agreement for the development of the IT platform, essential for data collection, monitoring, and environmental data management, will be followed by the subsequent installation of the "SMART GATE", an intelligent gate capable of managing and regulating water circulation with the aim of improving the ecological conditions of the pond and consequently mitigating the effects of climate change. 

Spring will see the launch of the first phase of testing of the installations, a crucial moment to assess the effectiveness of the implemented solutions. 

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