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Proactive Fire Prevention: A Year-Round Priority in Sardinia Highlighted at the Forestas Workshop

The wildfire alarm season in Sardinia has passed, but the time for prevention is year round. At the beginning of December, the MEDSEA Foundation participated in the workshop "Combating Fires and Resilience of the Territory in Sardinia," organized by the Regional Agency Forestas in collaboration with MEDSEA Foundation and D.R.E.Am-Italia, as part of the Horizon FIRE-RES and Res-Alliance projects. 

The multidisciplinary workshop saw the active participation of representatives from Forestas and Civil Protection, volunteers, barracelli (rural police officers), environmental associations, CEAS (Environmental Education Centers), and regional parks, with the goal of sharing different perspectives and solutions. 

The workshop focused on four main themes: planning and governance, communication and involvement of local communities, prevention and fuel management, restoration and post-fire management. Each theme was addressed through "Land Labs," territorial laboratories that facilitated the transfer of good practices and innovations. 

Climate change and its effects, such as major forest fires, drought, and desertification, were at the core of the discussions. The proposed solutions highlighted the importance of a proactive approach to fire prevention, which goes beyond simply reacting to events. The resilience of the territory was recognized as a key goal, with a particular focus on the sustainable management of natural resources and post-fire recovery (see our Hope for Sennariolo campaign on the requalification of Montiferru). 

For more information on the project and a report of the day, visit the link (In Italian). 


Pics by Agenzia Regionale Forestas 

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