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TransformAR Reaches Halfway: The Progress in the San Giovanni Lagoon

TransformAR, at the pilot site of Marceddì-San Giovanni (Terralba) in Sardinia, one of the six demonstration sites of the project, is gaining momentum. The project, which develops transformative adaptation solutions to climate change, has reached the midpoint of its cycle, entering a crucial phase of implementation and evaluation.  

In Sardinia, we are preparing for the next significant developments. In recent weeks, monitoring equipment has been purchased, particularly sensors that will collect essential data on the water quality of the San Giovanni lagoon (Terralba): data related to temperature, pH, redox potential, dissolved oxygen percentage, saturation, etc... 

These data will be collected and analyzed on a platform, which will be developed thanks to a partnership with the European project Acquaount. This project, running in parallel and in the same area, is focused on finding climate adaptation solutions in agriculture, which also involves data collection. “Acquaount, coordinated by the CMCC Foundation - Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change, allows us to join forces also in terms of the digital sustainability of the project and mutual benefit in the joint analysis of data concerning, in this case too, water resources,” explains Manuela Puddu, MEDSEA manager for the TransformAR project. The agreement includes the creation of a monitoring platform that will centralize the data collected in the area by both projects. 

Meanwhile, “activities are underway to select the most suitable company to proceed with the installation of the 'SMART GATE', an intelligent sluice gate capable of managing and regulating water circulation with the aim of improving the ecological conditions of the pond and consequently mitigating the effects of climate change,” continues Puddu. 

The opening and closing of the sluice gate will be regulated based on the analyses carried out through the monitoring network, with the goal of ensuring optimal ecological conditions for the species inhabiting the lagoon. An important aspect involves the active involvement of public authorities responsible for water quality control, wetland management, flood risk, and fishermen working in the lagoon. 

Next spring will see the launch of the first testing phase of the installations, a crucial moment to assess the effectiveness of the implemented solutions. 

TransformAR's activities for adaptation and mitigation of extreme events due to climate change in the San Giovanni lagoon will proceed in parallel with broader activities of consolidating channels and improving the ecological conditions of the entire SIC Marceddì - San Giovanni - Corru S’Ittiri complex, carried out by the Municipality of Terralba and thanks to regional funding. 


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