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MEDSEA reforestation phase in Sennariolo for the "Hope for Sennariolo" campaign has officially begun

As announced last summer, the MEDSEA reforestation phase in Sennariolo, Sardinia, for the "Hope for Sennariolo" campaign has officially begun. The small village of Montiferru in Sardinia, in July 2021, following a major fire, suffered the loss of almost two-thirds of its territory, including hundreds of hectares of olive groves and Mediterranean scrubland. 

In recent weeks, the MEDSEA team has begun planting new trees, including olives, holm oaks, and Mediterranean scrub on the Santa Vittoria Hill, to restore the natural heritage of the area, which can then lead to a socio-economic rebirth of the region. On January 12, there was a significant event with Despar and PlanBee for the planting of several hundred trees donated for the purpose of regeneration: each tree planted represents a Despar store in Italy, as part of the Despar "Bosco Diffuso" project. A distinctive element of this day was the active and enthusiastic participation of students and teachers from the primary schools of Scanu and the secondary schools of Tresnuraghes, belonging to the Comprehensive Institute of Bosa (Montiferru-Planargia Raighinas and Alas school district), and the Comprehensive Institute 5 of Quartu Sant'Elena. 


The boys and girls - over sixty in total - worked together with the MEDSEA team to position about two hundred saplings. 

"We are happy with this constant commitment to the rebirth of Sennariolo - said the deputy mayor Concetta Manca - even years after the fire, we thank the partner donors for their support, the teachers of the schools of Quartu, Scanu Montiferru, and Tresnuraghes for making this day possible." 

At the event of January 12, 2024, present were the mayor of Sennariolo, Gianbattista Ledda, the deputy mayor Concetta Manca, the MEDSEA forestry doctors Carlo Poddi and Maria Francesca Nonne, the sustainability representative for Despar Italia, Enrico Rossi, the representatives of Despar Sardegna (Abbi Group Sardegna), Margherita Persod and Valentina Usai, and for PlanBee, the co-founder Armando Mattei. 


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