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Take up the challenges of the Blue Economy: participate in the "Blue Hack" in San Vero Milis

Coast Day celebrates its 11th anniversary and raises the challenge for a sustainable use of coastal resources. Created in 2008 to promote the Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) campaign, coordinated by the United Nations PAP/RAC agency and promoted by the European Union's SMAP programme and the World Bank's METAP project, the event aims to raise awareness among the people of the Mediterranean countries of the value of the coasts, their conservation and protection for sustainable development. As part of the Maristanis project for the management, enhancement and protection of the coastal wetlands of the Gulf of Oristano and the Sinis Peninsula, on the occasion of Coast Day 2019, the MEDSEA Foundation promotes a 48-hour "marathon" aimed at the creation of new project ideas and business proposals, developed on the basic concepts of the Blue Economy. This is Blue Hack, a two-day hackathon, organized by Open Campus, on 27 and 28 September, at the Visitor Centre in the Municipality of San Vero Milis (OR).  Participants will be asked to look for innovative solutions to promote a growth strategy in sectors related to the sea and coastal areas, according to environmental sustainability methods and with particular attention to the promotion of wetlands and coastal areas of the Gulf of Oristano.

Themes and modalities. The challenge will have to address two specific issues: plastic - the most devastating threat to the marine ecosystem - and the nautical sector. Participants, working in teams, will be asked to answer the following questions: What ideas can be implemented to limit the use of plastics and redesign new solutions to recycle existing waste? What proposals can be made to create innovative business models and thus promote more eco-sustainable mobility on waterways? Participants will work in teams of 4/5 people, and will devote themselves to the definition and development of their own idea. The aim is to create a prototype and a pitch to be presented to the public in front of the jury at the end of the second day of work. The work of the groups will be interrupted only by in-depth talks, the Blue Talks, real moments of inspiration for the teams that will have the opportunity to receive an adequate knowledge of the issues of the challenge, through the interventions of experts in the field. At the end of the second day, each group will have 5 minutes to present their project to the jury, which will award the prize to the business idea that has best achieved the objective of the challenge.

Who can participate: The challenges are open to four categories: Academics, Entrepreneurs, Technicians and Creatives.

The prizes: The two best business ideas will each win a prize of 1,500 euros, one of which will be offered by Nieddittas, and the winners will have access to a validation path from the idea to the business model.

Registration is open until September 23rd, 30 places are available. Registration is free, and you can register as a group or individual participant: Blue Hack is organized by the MEDSEA Foundation as part of the MARISTANIS project and Coast Day 2019, and supported by MAVA Foundation, Fondazione di Sardegna e Sardegna Ricerche, in collaboration with the Municipality of San Vero Milis.

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