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Actions against climate change: Italy not yet virtuous.

"Beat air pollution" is the slogan of the 2019 edition of World Environment Day, promoted every June 5 by the General Assembly of the United Nations, which this year dedicated the event to the themes of air pollution and climate crisis. The agenda includes actions, including individual actions, to promote a community response and engage governments in the fight to save the planet. The official events will be hosted by China, a country with a very high rate of air pollution, but also a laboratory of initiatives for a 'green' conversion. As if to say, the response to the climate crisis is not only a necessary step, but also represents a great employment opportunity and a new paradigm in the economy".

The green economy is also good for the labor market: in Italy there are already 2 million green jobs, about 13% of total national employment. In 2018 the demand for 'green' professionalism was about 10.4% of the total number of professional figures required. The other side of the coin is that the objectives set are far from being achieved: the European Union target is set in the framework for climate and energy 2030, which provides for a reduction of at least 40% of greenhouse gas emissions within 11 years. States' commitment to climate change is analysed by the Climate Change Performance Index, an annual ranking that monitors the environmental policies of 57 countries under the Paris Accords, presented at the global summit on climate change in Poland (COP24). The first three places were not assigned because - according to the report - there is not a country that has really taken on board and initiated such actions as to be considered virtuous. Italy is in 23rd place,

while the United States falls to 59th position (out of 60 ). In short, there is a lot to be done, especially to change one's mind and - to follow - take action. 5 June: an important date. It recalls the first United Nations Conference on the Environment, held from 5 to 16 June 1972 in Stockholm, during which the Declaration on the Human Environment was adopted and the 26 principles on environmental rights and human responsibility for its protection were defined.

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